How To Turn Prospects Into Customers and Customers Into Super-Customers!

You must have customers to sell your services and products. To increase your profits, you also must turn them into repeat super-customers.

In Internet marketing, the simplest way to do this is by a high value content newsletter. Content sells, no doubt about that. Valuable and useful content builds credibility and trust, and in due time turns your customer from a alien into a friend.

All you need to start an online newsletter is is an autoresponder. It’s as easy as that. I use Aweber for my newsletter. You should promote your newsletter on every page of your website, in articles you publish, on traffic exchanges, on forums, on your business card and in your email signature. Your list will grow gradually if you reliably perform these marketing tasks.

In your newsletter you must provide valuable and informative content. It should be useful, relevant and interesting.
If you want your subscribers to read your newsletter and (sooner or later) buy from you, then by all means do not offer them junk, unless you’re a masochist.
Do not send them advertisements disguised as “articles.” They can smell it, even before opening the email. And don’t send only solo ads.
You rather research topics for your newsletter and compose quality articles. Subscribers will buy from you if they are impressed with your newsletter. It only will take time to build trust.

There are three phases to this process:

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1) Get a prospect
2) Convert that prospect into a customer and
3) Convert that customer into a super-customer.
Your newsletter will help you accomplish all three tasks, although to get a prospect you also need a sales or squeeze page.

If you’re generating targeted traffic to your site, your visitors will be interested in the valuable content you offer them. To hold their interest, and to keep your name and products in front of their eyeballs, you offer a free newsletter. Even if it’s only a simple monthly newsletter.

If they subscribe, you can try to build a relationship with the help of your content.
Most people don’t purchase something the first time it’s offered, but as they come to know you, your valuable content and your products, they sooner or later become more willing to purchase. That’s how you can convert more prospects into customers.

Likewise, you can turn those customers into super-customers. If the product or service they purchased from you was superior, you have established even more credibility with them. They then will make repeat purchases, or join your membership site you offer and sign up for your affiliate program.

THAT’S how you turn prospects into customers and customers into super-customers!

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