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I always am interested in strategies and techniques to generate traffic. I’ve seen lots of offers lately on this topic, but I’m particular interested in Affordable solutions (hence the name of my blog!).

One of the options to generate affordable website traffic is to use the social network sites, like Facebook. Now the problem is that there are so many options and so little time.

Doug HudiburgThat’s why I was all ears yesterday when I had a Skype conversation with my friend  Doug Hudiburg about his new product that he launches today, together with Gina Gaudio Graves.

Gina Gaudio Graves


I asked him if I could see and review it and Doug agreed and sent me the zip file.

You see, this new product is a simple system that reveals  practical and proven ways to tap into the  traffic-pulling power of blogging and web 2.0 social networking.
It is geared towards affiliate marketers and those selling through affiliates.

It requires a blog and a Facebook account. Both are easy to set up in case you haven’t one yet.
But I have both and I was very curious to learn how to use Facebook to attract visitors to your blog and monetize it that way.

There are very interesting topics included. Like for instance:

  • – How to attract back links and great search engine rankings
  • – Get better results from 1,000 visitors than you can get from 10,000 by adjusting one factor
  • – Expert status: how to position yourself as an expert in your niche quickly and easily

But there are (a lot) more. I just listed these because they are exactly what every website owner with an affiliate program and every affiliate marketer desperately needs.

This product consists of an ebook and recorded interviews with Gina and Doug. And I was pleasantly surprised with the value that comes with it, hence this blog post to share it with you.

Owning this new product means that you profit from the extensive experience from both Gina and Doug.
Gina tells you exactly how to set up your posts (and emails or any other publication for that matter) to get maximum conversions and how to use the social networks to get the most traffic out of them.
From Doug you will learn how to discover your ideal prospects.

The audio’s clearly show how seasoned both marketers are, so you’re not only getting great information, but also experience on what works and what doesn’t. Which allows you to avoid lots of mistakes.

Given all these high ticket traffic product launches these days, I was very curious about the price.


In contrast to all these recent high ticket items, where you have to  spent thousands of dollars…

…this is a dime sale!

Which means the selling price will be very, very low.

It also means, the price will go up every hour, albeit with only 10 cents.

So if you want to get this at bottom price, you’ll have to be quick.

I got my copy already and I’m implementing these traffic generating strategies right now.

Go here (page removed) to check the current price.

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  1. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks guys. Let me know how you’re doing with it!

  2. SEO Company says:

    The sales pitch on their site got me into buying it. It does not harm to try a new technique at such low cost. Thanks for sharing.
    Rif Chia

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