5 Time Management Tips for Busy Internet Marketers

Time management is one of the most important activities as an Internet marketer.

Be honest, how many times do you check email, facebook, twitter or any other social medium WHILE BEING BUSY doing something else?
That’s a sheer waste of time.

Since time is the only asset we can not buy, it’s important to manage it correctly.

Lena Paul with Sigma Research has some great tips on how to do that and become more productive, as she shows in the guest post below.

So, if you’re a busy marketer, pay attention.

Internet Marketers and Time Management

Time management is a huge issue for employees from every walk of life, but for internet marketers it’s even bigger.

The reason why so many marketers fail in their endeavour is not necessarily because they have the wrong idea, but because they are easily distracted, can’t plan and execute their time and often end up burning out or getting bored.

Many marketers are drawn into the field by the idea of a lifestyle rich in short work weeks and lots of vacations. However, the reality is that most marketers end up putting in long hours with very little pay off because they have not learned to use their time properly.

It’s not really time management, it’s using time appropriately. You can’t just sit down and tell time what to do (I wish we COULD!)
Instead, you have to make sure that what you do with the time you have is well thought out and executed.

  1. Work Takes as Long as You Want it To
    When you work from home, work can take as long or as short as you decide-this is one of the possible perks you don’t think about!

    When you set yourself a deadline, it will take you that amount of time, so if you set yourself a month, it will take a month. However, set yourself the same amount of work to do in a week and it will get done in a week!

    Make sure that you impose deadlines and goals and then stick with them. You’ll be more productive and get more satisfaction out of meeting your deadlines. You can set as many goals as you like, but many marketers say it’s a good idea to set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals and then review them regularly to make sure you’re on target.

    Time management tips using the clock
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  2. Schedule It
    Humans like routine, you see it in three year olds, but the same holds true for adults.
    Spend some time every week planning out the week and scheduling in things like meetings, deadlines and your time off. Then stick with it, including the time of! Time off should be the first thing you block out and make sure you don’t cut it out or you’ll swiftly exhaust yourself and be far less productive. Six hours of working a day will ultimately be more productive than ten because you won’t be exhausting yourself.

    You should also consider the benefits of planning your day out the night before. You don’t do any of the work, but you may find that your brain gets to work on the task while you rest! You’ll wake up energized and ready to get to work having done all the thought for it ahead of time.

  3. Prioritize
    Make sure you figure out your long term goal and then figure out which tasks are important to your goal and then the tasks hooked to these goals.
    Once you’ve sorted out what needs to be done and when, then you can figure out things like what you want to delegate or farm out to others, what you want to do yourself and what order it needs to be done. Basically, take your long term goal and divide it into long term and short term tasks in order of their importance.

    So, if you are starting a website on shoes, your long term goal will be to achieve high ranking and sales for your shoes. Important goals will be things like getting the website up and running, figuring out what shoes you want to sell (including things like niche, audience, etc), putting up content and starting a social media campaign. Then short tasks would be things like writing the content (or hiring it out) and running your site.

  4. Brain Dump!
    What’s a brain dump? A brain dump is a central place for ideas and ‘to dos’. Some people use applications on their computer like the Mac App ‘Things’. Others use a notebook or NotePad.
    Whatever you want to use, it’s important to note down ideas when you get them and then you can go back later, sort them into projects and schedule them. Sometimes you can find really neat ideas in there that can really help you along in your goals.

  5. Take Breaks
    It’s easy to think that you have to work five or six hours on end, but it’s very unproductive.
    If you worked outside of the home, you’d be getting a ten minute break every hour or so, so why should that change at home? Work a block of time (say fifty minutes to an hour) with no distractions, and then take a small ten minute break.
    Organize your day around several of these blocks with longer breaks throughout the day to do something like go for a walk, read, go for a drive or do something else you enjoy. You won’t feel so drained every day, you won’t hit mental roadblocks and ultimately you’ll be more productive.

Using your time wisely is something most people learn in elementary school, but somewhere along the way, many people forget it and get stuck into working chaos. By learning how to work with your time wisely, you will be more productive, less stressed out and more successful. Give a try for yourself and see how much easier life becomes!

Lena Paul is an MBA graduate and holds a leadership position with Sigma Research, a firm that provides term paper and home work help to students.

So, what’s your take on time management?
Post your comments below.

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  1. Mike says:

    I completely agree, but as goes for routine, I find that mixing things up every once in a while can help alot.

    Another thing is to outsource the labour intensive stuff so you can move faster. I’ve hired a couple of copywriters through elance, and it has really given me so much more time to focus on the important stuff. People usually think that outsourcing is stupid when they can do the job them selves, but you really need to consider how much your time is worth 😉

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