The first Blog Affiliate Program?

I just signed up for a unique Blog Affiliate Program.
It’s from Allen Says, one of the most successful Internet marketers.

Allen has come up with a completely new concept.
If you sign up for his free affiliate program you can link to his blog using your affiliate URL.

If someone follows that link to visit Allen’s blog, that visitor will have YOUR affiliate id and you will earn commissions for EVERYTHING that visitor buys there, based on Allen’s recommendation.

Here’s the link to Allen’s blog (Link expired, removed).

It’s a multi tier affiliate program paying 5 levels deep!

affiliate program

If you don’t know who Allen Says is: he’s the founder of the famous Internet Warriors and that is the best online marketing community around.
It’s one of the first affiliate programs I ever signed up for.

I know Allen for quite some time now and he has been very, very successful with everything he does, just because he knows exactly how to market great products.

So I signed up immediately and I’m very exited about this new project.

Sign up here (link expired, removed) to join Allen’s outstanding money making opportunity.
I strongly recommend it.


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