The Better Solution For Fighting Spam

Yesterday I installed a plug-in that I probably should have installed long ago: Spam Karma 2 (SK2).

Until now I had used Akismet and I was satisfied using it. Every time I logged in at my blog, I just deleted the spam messages that Akismet had discovered. That was easy, only…

The last two weeks the number of spam messages have increased drastically and all Akismet does is list them as spam.

Remarkably enough, lots of them came in through the comments. I honestly have no idea what these slime balls try to achieve, as I moderate the blog and therefore their posts are always deleted. Why they still take the trouble to do so is beyond me.

Anyway, I desperately wanted another way of dealing with this phenomenon, saving me time and giving me more control as to what, where and how. Hence, Spam Karma 2!

Why this one?

Easy. Right now I’m so involved in the creation of a group product over at the Inner Circle, that I didn’t have time to do a thorough research.

But smart me! I remembered a recent post by Andy Beard about Akismet – Auntie Spam. And that post referred to another one, titled “Akismet False Positives & Spam Karma Configuration”!

On that very page, Andy shows in detail how to set up a basic Spam Karma configuration.

Installation of SK2 is a breeze (download, unpack, upload the folder and activate), but the initial configuration can be quite overwhelming. It has a lot of options.

Well, Andy’s page is the solution for that problem. That makes the whole process a no brainer.

Now, I must confess I have to look deeper into the working of Spam Karma 2. I didn’t because Andy made it very easy for me, but for the time being I think it works remarkably well, even after only one day. If you only look at the log files, it’s impressive what this plugin does.

Andy also discusses a few other plugins, including Akismet, that you can use in combination with Spam Karma 2.
I didn’t install any of them yet and I disabled Akismet for the time being to see what SK2 does.
We’ll see what happens on the long term.

For showing me in detail how to configure the whole thing and save me tons of time: Thanks Andy, most appreciated!

Do you have any experience with Spam Karma?
If so, let me here it. Post your comments.

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6 thoughts on “The Better Solution For Fighting Spam

  1. Stephen Cronin says:

    I’ve heard about Spam Karma 2 but never had a look at it. At the moment I’m using a math plugin (like you do) and Askimet. Works fairly well for me, but if Spam Karma’s that good, I guess I’ll give it a go! Thanks, especially for the links to Andy’s pages.

  2. Case Stevens says:


    Funny thing is, your comment was initially blacklisted. SK2 shows your comment under one tab and your IP and domain name under the blacklist tab.
    Andy predicted that something like this would happen.

    As soon as I approved this false positive, your comment appeared here and both your IP and domain name were whitelisted.

    I guess your next comment will pass the filters.
    Others stay on the blacklist and I don’t have to lift a finger!
    How’s that?

    EDIT: And it sends you a nice email with the stats too!

  3. Case Stevens says:


    It may have been a little bug, I don’t know.

    However, I’m so confident about SK2 now, that I de-activated the Math plugin, so that will solve any problems you may have.

  4. bikash says:

    Spam Karma, The Aftermath

    Is it working? That’s great.

    Still having problems?

    Just check out the FAQ & Troubleshooting Page, your answer might be there.

    Otherwise, you can try support forums.

    Note:- Do Not USE the old support email account: it is no longer active.

  5. HR Blog says:

    Hey Case,

    I made a similar comment in the comment policy, but I have had some good success using typepad’s antispam plugin. I use it standalone without any other spam plugins and it works good on several of the blogs I administrate. It’s strange I never used spam karma but I’ll test it out for a week sometime and make a comparison between some of the different spam plugins. I still think captcha is a good idea if the spam plugin is in doubt whether its spam or ham.


  6. bruce clay says:

    comments are using for link building as well. but don’t worry Google won’t count these comments as an link. so comments spammers only waste their time and nothing else.

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