Tell A Story, because… Stories SELL!

Can’t sell?
Tell a story!
Because it’s true: Stories Sell!

Want proof?
Watch this hilarious video below:

While this video only is just a way of delivering my point, telling a story does deliver your message!

Try it!
Just search the web and you’ll find thousands of great resources.

Here are a few that I found very interesting:

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9 thoughts on “Tell A Story, because… Stories SELL!

  1. I definitely agree that stories sell. We seem to have more success on our blogs whenever we have a story as the basis for our posts.

  2. Ledward says:

    Great story telling has always been a key ingredient to writing copy that sells. Some of the best (most profitable) ads I have studied have told a great story.

    By the way I loved the video!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ruri @ Free article directory says:

    Impressive. I never try myself about selling products through story. But I saw many Internet marketer tell about their life how they was bankrupt until find a good way to make money.

  4. That video is hilarious! Stories definitely sell, especially on the Web. I’ve heard over and over again and my own experience has confirmed that the Internet is nothing but a conversation. So not only is telling a story important, but HOW you tell the story. You have to be on the same level as your audience in terms of using their language.

  5. Maren Kate says:

    Lol… that is like my business model, I mean the telling stories bit, it seems like what people crave in such a cut & dried technological world. I even have noticed in my keyword research that keywords with “success stories” in them get a lot of hits. So people are obviously searching…

    Good post, funny video 🙂

  6. SEO wizz says:

    I think a story allows you to reach people on different levels. Try and explain a concept in black and white and people either tend to get bored or simply don’t understand, use a story and you keep readers attention as well as giving them more of a chance of understanding the principle.


  7. MeeDee says:

    Stories are a subtle and powerful way to lead an audience into believing something. Do you remember Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” radio show…..very powerful.

  8. Nannetta says:

    Stories can certainly leave a very powerful impression, whether they’re used to sell or not. But mention of “War of the Worlds” serves as a reminder that that very power of making others believe can also, if you aren’t careful, produce the wrong kind of impact and blow up in your face. So it’s always wise to ask yourself whether the story you wish to tell will send the right message to your audience.

  9. That surely attracts more attention then simple slogan and jingle. It is harder to be in an advertising market now.

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