Tell A Story – Article Writing Tip 3

Facts Tell; Stories Sell.

So …. tell a story.
Here’s a great article by a great story teller, Seth Godin, called Ode: How to tell a great story.

But it gets better: Why don’t you tell YOUR story.

Sharing your personal feelings by telling a story is a great way to encourage your reader to keep reading.

Let your readers know what you have experienced.
Give them one or more reasons to empathize with you so that they can picture themselves in a similar situation. If you can get your readers think “(s)he’s one of the good guys, (s)he’s one of us”, you’ll be looked upon as an understanding, helpful individual offering solutions, instead of just another anonymous writer.

Once you’ve established that, then share the solutions to the problems with them.
Tell them how it has worked out for you and how it can help them too.

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Another interesting fact is that people like examples.

To get a particular point across to your readers is to give them examples. Just tell them how yourself and others have benefited from the product or service that you are writing about.

Avoid hyping up your examples or they can end up sounding like a sales pitch instead of useful advise.
Instead, be helpful and informative.
Explain in detail what effect it could have on their businesses or lives if they take heed to what you’re saying.

Again, be helpful and informative.

That’s it for today’s tip, but …

stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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