Targeting Keywords – Adsense Quick Tips 5

If you’re smart, every single page on your site targets a specific keyword and that keyword only.
When using Adsense, you want to target a particular type of ad for that keyword, right?

But sometimes Adsense keeps putting up a different type of ad that is NOT closely related.
If that happens, make sure that the keyword -that you are targeting the ads for- is repeated enough in the page so that Adsense knows that is what the page is about.

If possible, place your ads near a H1, H2 or H3 header, or a bolded keyword phrase.
Always use the Alt-tag when using images.
Also the use of Meta Tags is very important for Adsense to recognize the topic. See my Customized Title Optimization Alternative to better optimize your pages.

Make sure you optimize each page with the keywords that are most relevant to type of ad that you want to show on that particular page.

Adding pictures about the same subject as the ads that show on your page can drastically improve your click through rates.

But make sure that you do not put pictures of people facing the ads or in any other way indicating that people should click on them. Adsense program policies do not allow you to channelize the attention of your visitors to the ads by using arrows or other graphical images. It’s a fine line you have to walk there.

That doesn’t imply that you can’t use some artwork on your Adsense pages.
It just signifies that you have to use them supplementary to the content of the page and not for the exclusive purpose of getting visitors to click on your ads.

Be careful using graphics.
And stay tuned, because there’s more where this is coming from.

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