Is Targeted Web Site Traffic Enough?

What would you prefer: 1,000 hits of targeted web site traffic or 10,000 of untargeted traffic?

You see, now that you have a website, you will do anything to build a lot of traffic to it.

But what is your business website all about?

It’s about conversion!

And conversion will drastically increase by sending targeted website traffic to your offers.

Then why do so many website owners still use guaranteed website traffic service providers? They promise you ‘tons’ of traffic in a predefined period, using ‘state of the art’ technology. And if they’re good, they live up to their promises. But…

…how many sales does this kind of targeted web site traffic generate?

Probably none, otherwise anyone with a web site would buy this kind of traffic!

Targeted web site traffic
Photo Credit: dierk schaefer

Targeted web site traffic in these cases mean, that these providers will show a pop-up or pop-under to people belonging to the categories you’ve specified during the sign up or buying process. That counts as a hit and that’s how they can ‘guarantee’ the number of hits you ordered.
But that doesn’t mean these visitors are ready to buy. If they’re annoyed by it, they just click away while continuing their browsing.

That’s not the kind of targeted web site traffic we want, do we?
Again, what would you prefer: a 2% conversion rate of just 1,000 really targeted visitors or only 0.05% conversion rate of 10,000 visitors? I would definitely prefer the former! The only guaranteed targeted web site traffic is the traffic that brings in the bacon. NO such service will ever guarantee you sales.

So, how can you increase your sales or sign ups?

The best way to achieve this is looking for visitors in your target market yourself.

Search engine optimization is a great form of generating targeted web site traffic. Without going in too much detail (there are tons of great sites explaining SEO), you can start by researching keywords before publishing another page.

Another great way is to get your web site traffic from forums. That’s where your potential customers are asking questions that you can answer and include a single signature leading to your offers.
The more you contribute to knowledge sharing, the more you are regarded upon as an expert about the subject and the more trust people will have in your products or services.

Or you may use SEO friendly directory services. That’s where visitors are looking for something interesting and they may click your links. That’s targeted web site traffic.

Another way is to advertise in ezines about your subject. Although response rates of newsletters has decreased lately, so have the advertising fees. There are many ezines available on the Net where you can advertise and still bring in targeted web site traffic.

Over the years, I got quite experienced in generating website traffic. Like my friend Willie Crawford. Here’s what Willie says about free traffic:

The reality is that you HONESTLY can only master a few traffic generation techniques. Try to learn and implement too many different techniques, and you usually don’t have time to get really good at any. I personally get hundreds of thousands of visitors to many of my sites every month. 🙂

I personally use, and recommend that you get really good at, just a few techniques. I’ve written a special report that shares “My Ten Most Effective Traffic Generation Techniques.” I just cover the ten that are easy for me to manage (with my incredibly busy schedule) and that consistently product great results.

I read Willie’s report. It’s simple and excellent!
I suggest you get it too.
Get your copy of “My Ten Most Effective Traffic Generation Techniques.”

So, what’s your take on targeted web site traffic?
Post your comments below

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22 thoughts on “Is Targeted Web Site Traffic Enough?

  1. The only form of traffic I have ever found useful is traffic from Google, everything else is too low in terms of ROI. Social media can be useful but much depends on your industry.


  2. Case Stevens says:

    Another outstanding way to attract targeted web site traffic, although volume depends on readership of the blog.

  3. Sam says:

    I do not find any traffic really from search engines like Bing or Yahoo they are all Google which is why I concentrate on the Google side of direct traffic promotion.

    You also mentioned forums which is a way I do see results for my webpages. But only really beneficial if allowing a signature link, do follow is even better.

  4. Dale says:

    I read your given information about how to get targeted traffic and its really good. now a days for getting more traffic forums is a great way.


  5. Case Stevens says:

    >>What if that 10,000 traffic was pushed to your site and they found nothing of interest but left your site via adsense???
    That would generate a very nice Adsense income!

  6. Ejvind latterkursus says:

    I started out using adwords as the major source of trafic for my website, but they punish anyone new or inexperienced – so it was an expensive experience.

    Then I tried using SEO on site, and that paid off – I am now no. 1 in google for the most competetive search term in my industry.

    I have found that a combination of simple, light webpages AND a lot of relevant links to high ranking material like Youtube has brought my website from oblivion to No. 1. in just 6 months.
    I am also heavily into using google’s online tools, and I have a sneaky suspicion that that too is of benefit.

  7. Greg London says:

    I think I would prefer the 1,000 hits of targeted traffic because it wouldn’t slow down the server as much for my site and I would end up with more sales.

  8. creative media marketing says:

    I am a rigorous tester. I find its best to split test everything.

    But before split testing begins, I think it is best to start is with keyword research then optimize your page(s) based on your research.

    Then start your linking strategies. You mentioned forums are a great way to get links and I have found the same. I believe video distribution and bookmarking is another great step to boost the traffic.

    BUT… once you start generating that traffic you should be split testing things like headlines, sub headlines, images, videos etc. Use Google Optimizer (its FREE) and easy to use to test all these. Find out whats working vs what is not.

    Then you can learn to boost your conversions rates and then you would rather have the 10K visitors vs 1K any time.

    Thanks for the great post Case

    Warm regards,


  9. Of course, 1,000 hits of targeted web site traffic over 10,000 of untargeted traffic!!! ‘Tons’ of traffic is nothing without conversion.

    As google pushes more on personalized and localized results, targeting the right customers is getting easier, and opens new doors to small business owners.

    That’s why long tail keywords, though usually lower in search volume traffic, often have higher conversion rate of traffic per compared to MONSTER keywords targeted by deep pocketed online businesses.

    What makes long tail keywords more effective? Since it’s what the user specifically wants, converting a typical search engine user to a ready-to-pay customer.


  10. Anonymous says:

    of course 1000 targeted traffic is more valuable. less traffic, but more sales… 🙂

  11. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks. You’re blog looks great too!
    And thanks for the additions. They’re useful.

  12. Liz says:

    People get so focused on getting traffic they lose site of getting the targeted traffic.

    The point of getting traffic is to get visitors to take action. For example buy something, click a link, fill out a form, whatever it is your traffic is worthless if you can’t get the desired action.

    But a second part to that is having a website that is compelling the interesting enough so that your visitors decide to take action. So many websites are far too salesy and don’t convince the reader that you are there to give them what they need, not the other way around.

    The latter is what most people have the hardest time with I think.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Good point Liz.
      Website owners often are so obsessed to sell something that visitors can smell it from a mile distance.
      That’s the wrong mind set.
      Giving great advice is better. Give and you shall get.

  13. Andrew Peel says:

    From some of the responses there seems to be a misconception about SEO. Search engines are SEO and some people think high traffic is the aim.

    However take it from me this sounds logical however it’s the opposite. It’s called a logical fallacy – advertisers use them all the time. For example buy one get one free – seems a good offer. However if you only bought it because it’s on offer then it’s a bad deal. You spent money you would have otherwise kept.

    The answer is SEO an you should practice it from the very point you begin to design your Blog. It’s better to get 100 people a day via a ‘buying’ keyphrase than a more general keyphrase. These people are more along the buying cycle and likely to enter their details.

    So if you go for the keyphrase ‘earn more money’ that’s too wide. However ‘earn more money in a legitimate internet opportunity’ may get lower traffic. If you produce excellent content you could dominate this niche and far more would convert. SEO 101 explained.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the most effective way to attract visitors to come to your site is through link building. Optimizing your site could increase the page ranking and receive free traffic. Keyword research is important when optimizing your online presence for search engines.

  15. Trey Smith says:

    I think Andrew there has a better point in explaining SEO. Thanks for that mind opening thoughts and basic information.

  16. Peter Holiday says:

    The most important Search engine that your site needs to be optimized to is definitely – Google.
    Suppose that other resources are not so considerable – cause their efficiency is too poor – just cause they are in a had crisis – Google is ruling the web.

  17. Liz@guitars for sale says:

    I guess if you’re Sears or Target, places that everyone goes to now and then, 10,000 untargeted visitors will do you some good. But for most sites your traffic has to be targeted to make sales.

    For me the best places to bring in targeted traffic are forums and articles. Since those work for I keep my focus there, like Willie says you can’t do them all so why try.

  18. Paul@make money online says:

    Great post. I agree with you that there are a lot of techniques you can use to bring a targeted traffic to your site, but it is better to master a couple techniques. They keep you busy enough already.
    I also like the idea of doing keyword research before publishing a post.

  19. Dehost says:

    Very valuable information. We all know that we must get targeted web traffic, and the question is how?
    This post is really give me the spirit to learn more.
    Thanks for posting.

  20. Brad@WebsiteTraffic says:

    Targeted website traffic is definitely the name of the game. I’ve had the best luck with article marketing on web 2.0 sites and selecting just one of those articles to contain the link back to my “money pages.” Nearly every other article is then used to ramp up the page rank of that one selected article. Following this strategy (and generally using Squidoo or Ezine) for the “chosen” article is pretty effective, assuming you’re using at least a medium-tailed KW.

    Keep up the great content.


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