What Are Your Talents?

My good friend Willie Crawford inspired me to ask you this question. He did so in the private TIMIC forum and a lot of people posted their talents. Why?

So many different people are active in the Internet marketing niche. They all have different skills. Most of them work alone.

Which is a pity, because if they would bundle forces, they could focus more on things they’re good at and partner with someone with skills they don’t like or aren’t good at themselves.

Yes, I know there are a thousand ways to outsource certain tasks. But the problem here is that you often don’t know who you’re dealing with, so you first have to find the good ones and stay away from the scams. Why not team up with people you know at least a little bit?

There’s another reason for asking this question.
How many products do you have on your hard disk that you’ve never have used or how many membership sites are you a member of without ever applying the information provided therein?

Photo Credit: Grégoire Lannoy

I’ll take myself as an example.
I’ve thousands of products on my PC. I’ve looked at the majority of them and many are very do-able if only…

…I followed through all the way down. Which I didn’t, because it takes TIME to learn how to make these applications profitable.

And if there’s one thing we all have in common, it is a lack of time. So, as soon as we decide some application takes too much time, we’ll rush to the next one. Recognize this pattern?


Rapid Action Profits!

An outstanding E-commerce script with numerous options. The user guide is excellent, but it takes some time to learn and implement it. For me it has been quite easy to set up, but for innumerable people it isn’t. Just because they don’t have a talent for it. If only you could find a person who has, and you could barter your skills with theirs, it would save you tons of time and a lot of unnecessary annoyance.

Another example?

Writing articles. I CAN write articles, that’s not the problem, but there seem to be so many people out there who can write the same quality articles in much less time. Why not work with them? I did recently, in exchange for setting up a brand new website for them using my template. We both won time and avoided annoyance.

And there are many more areas where you can barter skills. Setting up PayPal payment buttons, audio and video creation, graphic design, autoresponder set ups, installing scripts, submission of articles, creating websites, you name it.

Hence the question: What Are Your Talents?

I encourage you to post your talents in the comments section of this post.

Some people may feel uncomfortable telling in public what they think they’re good at. Still, I encourage you to do so as we all can learn from each other and you may end up with a great partner to work with.

Others will post away without even thinking about the real and true value of what they post as their skills. I will try to detect and delete them.

And of course there are people who comment just to receive a one-way link back, regardless the topic and the value of their comments. They will be deleted immediately.

That’s why, before posting your talents, you must click this link to make sure your comments will be published.


What Are Your Talents?

Post them below.

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11 thoughts on “What Are Your Talents?

  1. joe comp says:

    i think my talent is telling story about what’s going on around me, give an advice,want to make money with online,talk about home and family.but sometimes i have difficult to tell that story.later i hope can handle that’s problem.and thank you for your advice.

  2. faculty jobs says:

    Great points about outsourcing. This is something I really just started doing. Ditto on the articles. I just hired out someone to start writing articles for me because like you said they can do it much quicker. I might be able to do it, but its not one of my talents.

    BTW..the bear pic is a little disturbing.


  3. Wendy Sizemore says:

    I look at it as a slightly different type of joint venture. As long as it is very clearly defined what each person puts in and then gets back

  4. Lawn Mower Racing says:

    I think my talent is being able to describe what I am interested in passionately and effectively.

  5. DanoSongs says:


    This is an excellent point. I have always known that music was my talent. The real problem was not knowing what my talents were that would help me make any money from music.

    Then over the past few years I have developed the skill of writing and Webmastering basics. These have turned out to be a good combination.

    Ironically, booking live shows and getting paid to play live has turned out not to be a talent for me at all, even though I still perform live from time to time and make a few dollars here and there.


  6. As a webmaster myself, There is only a certain amount of work that we all can do. I have to out souce work to fellow people as time is money. ( also a followship of intrest). My talents normaly lie in the comminication of talk to other people and getting a understanding on the customer.

    Normaly That help me through tough times is relaxing music and water. It really help you concentrae and get thruogh them stick areas

    Thanks Anthony Hickman

  7. Case Stevens says:

    @Tashi Is that how you create websites? 🙂

  8. Tony Ng says:

    Hi Case,
    I love your suggestion to have win-win situation by partnering with someone, the idea will work just like outsourcing, and I would love to.
    BTW, I just got onboard IM nearly 3 months now, I am good in learning new skills that is more technical, but poor in writing good articles. Presently, I try to write 3-5 articles weekly and submitting via Senuke.

  9. Mark Johanson says:

    Yes, I agree that joined forces are better. When I recommended that to one of my friend , he was to greedy to see good part. And now he is falling apart and he asked me that same question I asked him.

  10. goacom says:

    Your post has surely upturned many minds about the kind of stuff all of us are actually capable of. Besides our computers fostering much of our unfulfilled dreams is another eye opener. I wonder whether we will actually have the time to tap on all that potential or whether the same is going to wait its turn of the unprobable hard disk crash and die its own death with few sighs.

    I have always loved to write and did quite well in my academic days in school that when I saw the internet i said this is for me. But then there are so many out there much better just like you said and I find myself in a crowd really.

    But I am short in web design and all the web related stuff and am running around to catch up. I’d be too happy to barter whatever writing I can manage for some good web designs.

    Your post was an unspoken desire.

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