How To Survive Recession

In these difficult times, many people fear the near future, so in the past few weeks, I’ve sent some great opportunities to my lists in order to help survive recession times.

Since the name of this blog starts with ‘Affordable’, I didn’t promote any high ticket items. Instead, I showed some free and a few very cheap ways to make money immediately. All I had in mind is to help these scared people to survive this recession.

That may have been a mistake on my part, because the cheaper the solution, the more INcredible the opportunity is regarded upon. Perceived value, you know!
The result however is, that high ticket items, that are believed to be good and helpful, are out of range of many while at the same time the cheap solutions are put aside as being unbelievable or unrealistic.
Thus… nothing happens and that definitely is the wrong way to survive a recession!

Survive Recession
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You see, there were many people took me up on my offers and took action, happy to have another opportunity to make money online.

But many were complaining too. They just don’t believe they CAN make money using something as simple as, let’s say, flipping websites or private label content.

Or they tell me is that it’s a dangerous approach where you can lose a lot of money.

Or that it is too difficult or -the best one…- that you just can’t compete with the ‘big’ guys.


While all these objections may be (partly) correct, most of these comments come from people who don’t take action. It may very well be that they lack the confidence to take the required steps towards making money online and if you recognize that, read on, because below is a wonderful resource to get rid of that.

Then there’s something like due diligence. A big word for something as simple as….
… use your brain, use common sense.

Entrepreneurs take risks. Even if you only sell a simple Ebook, you’ll take the risk running into someone who buys and files a claim, thus skipping your ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.
Well… get over it and continue.

Investigate opportunities, try to estimate the risks and then determine at which point the strategy becomes too risky to continue and what your maximum loss at that point will be.
Decide whether or not to do it. If you don’t, take the next opportunity.

Taking a risk doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But if you’re not willing to spend $40 or $30 or even $10, then you will never get started.

One of the complaints I got from the flipping websites video was that you had to pay to auction your site at
Huh? Ten bucks to sell a website is an obstacle?
Left me flabbergasted.

Yesterday I sent out a little note to my list to buy the Master Resell Rights to some great instruction videos on how to research products. MANY questions are asked about that topic on any marketing forum, because it’s the most important step to promote great products. So there’s a HUGE market for this. So huge that no one can fill it on their own.
Even if everyone reading this blog would buy them, you can easily sell the package to thousands of others looking for answers. It’s a cheap way to make at least some money online.

But it doesn’t even have to cost you money.
Visit the Warrior forum for instance. You’ll find many ideas and positive feedback there, like…

* My First $300 Day
* From 20% conversions to 94% overnight
* How to Tap 60+ millions of targeted responsive visitors
* Paul Myers – Thank you! My Goal is 2k in 2days!
* My Results After One Month of Intense Article Marketing
* I intend to make $10k in 7days
* I Have Paid off $60,000 in Debt Since May 2007

I’m NOT promoting any of these links above, they are just EXAMPLES. I found and quickly scanned them on the first page of the Warrior forum this morning. Haven’t really studied the whole threads.

And yes, people sometimes post …
-about topics that are completely chewed-up like a piece of meat,
-about results of thousands of dollars,
-about results or ideas of just 10 dollars,
-about a ‘Eureka’ factor that has been seen thousand times before.

Boring maybe, but these are joyful posts by ordinary people like you and me, who TOOK ACTION! And were very happy they did. That is the difference between whiners and earners.

Take the last link above. Posted by Amy Bass.
I don’t know Amy other than just reading her special offer in the WSO section of the Warrior forum. I did NOT buy that one, so I can not recommend it, but…
if you believe her story is true (and that’s something you have to find out yourself, due diligence, remember?), the she’s the one you should follow and, ultimately, buy her offer.
Again, no recommendation on my part since I’m not familiar with her product, but a great example.

So…. if you haven’t already, WHEN are you going to take action? It’s the best way to survive any recession and make money online all the time.

Here are two links that I DO encourage you to check out.
Quick Way To $50k This Month

Here’s “A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow” and it’s FREE

Study those two threads!
Discover the spirit, the right mind set, to do the same.
It’s the ultimate recipe to survive this recession!

It’s NOT important WHAT plan you come up with and neither is it important HOW MUCH you intend to make when setting your goals (as long as you think big, you may start small).
Just DO something to get over this recession.
20 Ways to make $100 a day may help you.

Meanwhile post your comments below.
Let us know what you have done to survive the recession.

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  1. I would agree that recession has hit every business around the world. For any business risk is always there. your opinion is truly effective. Great Blog

  2. Abdulrehman says:

    The last link is pretty good, my blog is what I’m doing online and since my hosting fees are the only costs. I don’t feel the recession although the advertisers did cut out a bit. Overall, Great Article!

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