How To Make Your Blog Sticky

To try and make my blog more sticky and entice visitors to view other pages than the one they landed on, I recently I added a plugin to list related posts to my messages.
It’s way to early to jump to conclusions, but it certainly seems as if the number of page views is increasing.

I also added an extra line at the bottom of each post, telling readers to subscribe to the feed.

I’m also toying with the idea of having some members post here. Ladan Lashkari can already ans she sometimes does.
Of course this will be an addition to my content and it really should be very valuable, reason why I’m still hesitating.
The advantage for you is a link back to one of your sites, coming from a different IP address.
If you’re interested in this, just let me know by writing a comment.

I searched the web for some more sticky features and I came up with these links:
Make Your Blog Stickier
How to develop stickyness to your blog
7 Ways To Get Readers to Stick

So, how sticky is your blog?


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