Someone can steal your domain name

Did you know that villains can steal your domain name?

On 12 November 2004 the new ICANN Domain Name Transfer Policy became effective.

Before that date domain name registrars were allowed to deny any domain name transfer request without explicit consent of the domain name owner.

With the new policy in effect, that isn’t possible any more.

Upon receiving a transfer request, the registrar should still attempt to contact the domain owner for confirmation, but according to the new policy:

“Failure by the Registrar of Record to respond
within five (5) calendar days to a notification
from the Registry regarding a transfer request will
result in a default ‘approval’ of the transfer.”.

If some evil mind decides to transfer your domain name and you do NOT respond …….

Fortunately the new policy also provides a solution to preserving the ability of registrants to “lock” their domains.

That’s what you have to do. Lock your domain name at your registrar. I encourage you to do it now.

More info at:

Lock your domain!!

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