Start a online business if you’re not selling on the Net?

To start a online business if you aren’t selling online may seem a stupid plan.

But is it?

Think about this: the Internet is where your customers are! It’s easy to find them there and to approach them for several reasons.
Besides that, to start a online business is relatively cheap!

In today’s guest post, Natasha Mesty will dive deeper into that topic, showing you why business owners at least have to reconsider their plans if their business isn’t not online yet.
If you are a small business advisor, you can use these arguments to persuade your customers.

Here goes. Enjoy!

5 Reasons to Start a Online Business Even if You Aren’t Selling Anything on Internet

More than 50 years have passed, ever since the US military first started working on the ARPANET, which is now known as the antecedent of our very own Internet.

Just like any other invention, this particular development was also born out of a necessity, but it was only after the commercialism adopted this toddler in the early 90’s, that it started growing exponentially.

Fast forward to this time and age, and Internet has made its way to all aspects of life, be it the communication, entertainment, education, or marketing.

Till now, the perception was that only large businesses need to have some sort of online presence.
But the last couple of years have seen tremendous growth in the scope of Internet and it wouldn’t be a hyperbole if we say that Internet presence has become a necessity for even those businesses which are not actively involved in online selling.

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If you have any doubts about the importance of your presence in the cyber world, then keep on reading, because you might change your mind after reading this article. Oh and you will be glad that you did.

  1. Marketing:
    Internet is just as effective, if not more, as a marketing medium as any of those traditional methods like print media or digital media.

    In many instances, Internet Marketing can fetch even better return on investment as compared to its counterparts. With millions of broadband users joining forces to make probably the biggest market, within reach of all businesses.
    Knowing that an average user spends a considerable amount of time on internet and social networks, any business that doesn’t pay heed to this medium is indeed sticking its head in the sand.

    Internet Marketing can be in any form including (but not limited to) e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media marketing, ads, banners, but to make the most of these methods, you’ve got to have an online presence (i.e. Your own website) and the sooner you can get online, the better.

  2. Customer service:
    Email is one of the most commonly used mediums (second only to telephone) for customers who are looking to make an inquiry. You can have an email address for your business without really having a website, but a business using some free email ID like Yahoo or Gmail will fail to make an impression on serous customers.

    And email address is not the only thing, having your own website will let you provide even better options like live chat, which is more convenient than email or telephone support, from both business and customers’ perspectives.

  3. Credibility:
    Having a well maintained business website doesn’t guarantee a quality product (or vice versa) but still a proper website with business history, contact details, images, or a blog can go a long way in establishing credibility, in the eyes of potential customers.
    Having no website or having a substandard one will surely repulse some of your customers. This is specifically true for new businesses.

  4. Price Comparison:
    Even if you are a well known brand and you don’t feel the need to win credibility, you should still be having a website because customers often search on the internet and compare different product’s prices before buying one. You have got to be a part of that comparison or review websites. In most cases, the consumers will make their mind to go for a particular brand then and there, which means you will lose a great deal if your product is not showing at these review or price comparison websites.

  5. Feedback:
    Internet is the most cost effective medium for getting the much needed feedback from customers, concerning your product or services, and not only your business, but you also got to know what they think of your competitors, thanks to those social networks, and easy options to conduct surveys and polls.

    It’s high time that you get out of that “online vs. offline comparisons” way of thinking, Internet makes a tremendous impact on our offline buying decisions, and the impact is bound to increase manifold, as more and more people from all four corners of the world get familiar with the wonders of Internet.

Natasha is an internet marketing expert by profession.Currently, she’s working for White Painted Furniture that provides the best services for white chest

So, do you think it’s wise to start a online business even if they’re not selling online?
Post your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Start a online business if you’re not selling on the Net?

  1. Brenda says:

    This is a much more important topic than most offline businesses realize. Being able to be found is important whether you are online or a brick and mortar. Just think about how many of your own searches have started online when you fully intend to buy locally. I know mine often does.

    If you don’t have a good online presence you are simply missing out on opportunities to be found. Others are already there and will be found before you are.

    Great post!

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Nice example Karen!

  3. Jack says:

    Exactly! Internet provides you a very cheap way (but not easy) to make a brand name of your business even if you don’t want to sell anything. Usually people do not sell on the internet because they say that we cannot take huge orders due to our manufacturing capacity. But, still I think you can manage very easily. Even if you don’t want to you must use internet for the advertisement and branding purposes. Now a days people spend more time on internet rather than watching TV so internet should be the first option of yours for the advertisement purpose

  4. Deducta says:

    I have had many friends who downplayed the importance of the impact of the internet when it was first felt in the 90s. They decided not to look into the benefits of having their presence felt mainly because they were “not selling anything.” Now their competitors have put one over them by being small but appearing big because of internet advertising.

  5. kate says:

    In modern era nobody can deny from the Internet and related any thing with Internet is useful for everyone everywhere.
    As for as the online business is concerned, it is something fast, modern, and quality work.
    I do not have that much experience of working online business, but I have a little bit experience of online business. I come to the conclusion from my experience is all these things which you have mentioned about in your article, that exactly all about. You have to focus on Marketing; customer needs, Quality of Product, blah…
    Then it is the best source of earning money as compare to another work.

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