Spend Much Time On Social Networking?

Only recently I posted about how to use Facebook effectively. In that post I indicated that there are too many features that are distracting and take up too much of my time.

The same applies to other social networking platforms.
Mind you, they’re all great to build a network and I certainly recommend using them. I’ll even go one step further: I invite you to add me to your social networks at

Send me a message, so I know who you are or where you’re coming from.
Let’s make this agreement: we can have a (virtual) coffee together and chat or communicate about improving each others online efforts and everything that comes with it, but we will not waste each other’s time using gimmicks, ok?

Social Networking Time
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So, how do you avoid spending too much time on social networking?
I could write a few things about it, but I’d rather have other people, who apparently experienced the same, talk about it.

My friend Dr. Mani just published a great post at his blog entitled: Don’t Waste Time On Social Networking!

Daniel Socco and his team wrote a great post about 8 addictive habits of bloggers that take up too much time. I sure can relate to them as I too have personally struggled with each of these at some point. Daniel show you how you can get rid of them

And here’s a great video post from Ed Dale about Why I Don’t Follow Many People On Twitter – I choose to follow EVERYONE! (link deleted, was broken)

Let me add my personal best time saver. It’s not about social networking per se, but has to do with it.
It’s about email and reading hundreds of messages each day.

A few months ago, my domain was used to send out a mass mailing.
Of course I didn’t want that to happen again, so I deleted most mail boxes at my domain -I just kept a few with rather unknown names to continue earning money- and unsubscribed from all newsletters.

I then used my Gmail account to re-subscribe to newsletters that I absolutely didn’t want to miss, skipping hundreds of others, thus decreasing the number of incoming messages.

Gmail allows you to label all incoming emails and archive a lot of them for later reading. I love that feature and go through my labels once every week to see what’s interesting and what can be deleted.
Handling my email in this way saved me a lot of time.

Some of these labels are for social networking platforms where I keep messages that I may need later.
It makes a great archive.

So, how about you?
Do you spend a lot or too much time networking?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Spend Much Time On Social Networking?

  1. Have you heard about Nancy Marmelejo and her Viva Visability website? Nancy was a guest a few weeks ago on my Get More Business Podcast. She has a great e-book out called, “How to make MySpace Your Space” She made some excellent points on my show about being really strategic with your social networking.

    Great idea on how to use gmail with the labels for archiving emails.

  2. Case Stevens says:

    @Melody Give us the link and I’ll put it in your comments

    @CS Thompson Actually Cameron, we do not differ that much, because I agree that you should use all features that are beneficial to you. And as Dr. Mani wrote in his post, if that means you’ll be busy all day with them, so be it. If that works, ok. But the message is to be alert not to waste any time with fancy features that aren’t beneficial.

    @Courtney Although time-consuming, Twitter is very nice. I followed you until you protected your updates. Just performed a search and requested a follow again. We’ll meet in there!

  3. Case Stevens says:

    @Sam Thousands of marketers prove each day that you can make money and build a nice network of affiliates and JV partners.

    @Pamela & Kevin Absolutely. When you start out, you can concentrate on one, but once running, you have to add other marketing strategies.

    @Mark I think it’s going to stay. People test it, with success I guess.

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