60 Solo Ad Advertising Resources That Deliver Traffic

Solo ad advertising is a very effective way to promote your products or services.

Solo ads are placed in ezines, which are online magazines or newsletters. If you’re willing to pay, lots of these ezines allow you to place advertisements that are send out to their subscribers.
The most effective type of ezine advertising is called “solo ads”. This means that your ad goes out alone (with no other ads) and with your topic in the subject line and a link to your landing page in the copy.
The big benefit of solo ezine advertising is that the newsletter covers one topic.

To be successful with solo ad advertising, you should of course select an ezine that is targeted towards the particular market that you promote to. Then you can be sure that you are targeting people that will be interested in your offer.
But that alone is in no way a guarantee that you will succeed. The way the owner has build his list of subscribers is also very important. If such list only exists of freebie seekers, your solo ad will certainly not deliver the results you want.
The most successful lists to send solo ads to are buyers lists. More on that below.

Solo ads are the most expensive type of newsletter advertising but you can get them for as low as $10. But these probably are not buyers lists. These will cost a lot more, but may be a very cost effective method of reaching a lot of people in your market. In general, you will more likely get a better response from a $20 solo ad sent to 500 to 600 subscribers than from one of the same price that is sent to 5,000 or more subscribers. If it seems to good to be true, in most cases, it is.

So, if you want to use solo ad advertising, it’s very wise to check out how the list is built and what kind of subscribers it contains. Subscribe to the ezine to test out its quality and reliability first. You will also see examples of other solo ads this way.

But that still doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the clicks. That’s why a new way of solo ad advertising is becoming quite popular these days. It allows you to buy a fixed number of clicks, rather than the solo ad itself.

In the Internet marketing niche, the market price, on average, is 0.30 to 0.40 per click. Different packages can be available, ranging from only 100 clicks to several thousands. Delivery range from 2 days up to a month for monthly packages. Thus you have established a fixed amount per click and if that’s worth it for you, solo ad advertising can be a goldmine.

But where to find reliable ezine advertising to send your solo ads?

Well, you can use the Directory of Ezines for starters. That has been a great resource for me for many years.

But now I’ve just finished reading a rolodex of solo ad advertising resources. I was done in a few minutes, because it’s a simple spreadsheet. It shows you where to buy great solo ads from lists consisting of… buyers!

But it comes with two videos.
The first one of 50 minutes explains:
– restrictions where you can send your visitors to, so make sure you know that upfront,
– kind of lists and their limitations or benefits,
– how to make a deal,
– conversations to have and questions to ask,
– refunds,
– click tracking,
– how to avoid scam artists,
– responsibilities and follow up.

The second video (over 30 minutes long) explains different techniques used by this expert to be highly successful with solo ads.

This solo ad advertising resource was put together by a veteran Internet marketer. That assures you, that you’re not just getting a resource, but that you get experience!

If you’re interested in solo ad advertising that deliver results, check this out right now and let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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