Social Media How To Improves Your ROI

I just finished reading a new eBook about the basics of social media how to.

While Social Media are about being social, we, Internet marketers, always try to see the business side of such developments, don’t we?

Even better, we’re always looking for ways to monetize things, like Twitter and Facebook, right?

In a recent WebProNews publication “How Business Questions About Social Media Have Changed in a Year”, author Chris Crum shows how ROI replaces tactics as top social media concern.

The graphic in that same article also shows, that most business owners and would be entrepreneurs struggle to figure out how to use these media to their (business) advantage. They’re missing the elementary ‘social media how to’ knowledge.

Social Media How To
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Yet, it is possible to build a business using these media, even a new one.

That’s exactly what is discussed in The Business Of Social Media that I’ve just finished reading.

It explains the very first steps to building a profitable and long-lasting business using only social media and gives a blueprint to achieve just that.

If you’re a seasoned social media user, then this is not for you. But when you’re struggling to get the most out of these sites, or even don’t know how to get started, then you should get your copy of this social media how to Ebook.

It starts with the pure basics of social media. How to use them correctly.

And then continues with using this phenomena to build a huge list! The ‘right’ way.

How you do that is explained in The Six Basic Elements of List Building.

1. Research
2. Securing your Social Media presence
3. Start building a following on Twitter
4. Set up your auto-responder
5. Create your list builder product
6. Set up a squeeze page

The next chapters are about setting up your sales funnel, setting up your social media profiles and campaigns.

After starting your campaign, the eBook explains how you need to follow a consistent daily routine. By the way, being consistent is the key to social media success!

The information is brief (no filler, just 25 pages), but exactly to the point, easy to follow and valuable as a blueprint. Actually it answers all of the Top Ten Questions mentioned in the WebProNews publication mentioned above.

If you have no experience in using social media or you are just started or even doing this for a few months only, then this eBook is for you.
It will finally allow you to get a return of investment in social media.
That valuable information is available for a ridiculous price of only seven dollars.

social media how to explained
I strongly suggest you get your copy right now.
Go here: The Business Of Social Media (Link deleted; offer ended).

Just so you know: that’s an affiliate link. 🙂

As an addition to this great resource, you really should read A Way to Get Facebook Fans to Actually Buy.
That’s an interesting app and an even more interesting development, because it’s a great way to even further increase your readership on Facebook with buyers.

But it’s a more advanced tactic and before you can apply such tactics, you really should know and have implemented the basics the right way.

Hence my recommendation.
Get your copy of The Business Of Social Media (Link deleted; offer ended) now.

Let me know what you are doing with social media.
Post your thoughts below

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6 thoughts on “Social Media How To Improves Your ROI

  1. Matthew Zinda says:

    I just got done looking at Google Analytics for a website I am promoting.

    5 of the top 10 referring websites are social media sites, including #1, Twitter. Over half of my traffic comes from social media.

    You are making a big mistake if you are not taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

    Good luck.

  2. Fortunately, I have some great teacher in Internet like you who always help me to learn about social media and extract most out of it. So, I don’t think I need to buy a book because I believe people like you always going to help us and updates our knowledge in social media and beyond.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Well, in that case you’re going to miss a lot, because I’m not going to discuss the tips mentioned in the ebook on my blog.
      Not even in my newsletter where I share other secrets. But not this one! 🙂

  3. I think the rules only apply to specific niches though. This niche for instance those rules work wonderfully, but even still that process is very long and arduous which makes it sound easy.

    Do you agree or am I off base?

    • Case Stevens says:

      The success depends on the niche and on the type of social medium. It can vary a lot and you have to test that out.
      But, in general, the rules do work in any Social medium.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for referring me to this book – I’ll use your affiliate link.
    I have found that marketing through these social media outlets provide you with a good customer base if you target your niche correctly. Meaning, i’m not going to really try to go join groups on linkedin about dog food if my target market is sporting goods

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