Social Media for Small Business and Their Benefits

According to the experts, the social media for small business are highly powerful platforms.
But many small business owners don’t see why. They want to believe that statement, but, mostly due to lack of time, they haven’t got to the bottom of social media mystery.

There lies a huge opportunity for you, if you can explain to them what social media can do for them and their business.

That’s why I publish a guest post today about the topic, written by Robertoi Delrio. He explains everything below. So read carefully and take advantage of these benefits.

Social Media Powerhouses for Small Business – The Fantastic Four

Are you a small business that needs recognition?
Do you know how to reach your target audience?
Are you aware of the fact that you can have a massive marketing campaign without even wasting a single dime?

If you just said, “No”, to all these questions, you are sure going down the path of, “abandoned business”.

Here’s a reality check for all business owners, small or big: Social media is your gateway to getting fame, attention and money, clients and business sustainability.

Without social media, you will always remain surrounded by people who heard of you through word of mouth, half of who wouldn’t even be your target audience. So, buckle up and get ready to take a power ride of these four social media powerhouses, and give your business the exposure it deserves!

Facebook – The Place to Reach 800 Million People!
Half the planet exists virtually on Facebook and almost every entrepreneur, every major/minor business are actively present on this one social powerhouse.

Apart from the ability to reach out to 800 million (and counting) users, Facebook has a special feature for businesses known as, “targeted demographics”. This means you can control what kind of an audience do you want to reach out to – in simple terms, who should benefit from your business?
Is it the teenage population of New Jersey? Or is it the working class of New York? Is it for sports lovers or is it for book lovers? With these specifications, your business page or ad will be visible to only that specified audience.

You need to be quite interactive on Facebook to get customers. People are smart and they would never opt for a business that remains blatantly dull on a social media platform.

Remember though that active Facebook marketing requires extensive time investment. If you cannot manage this alone, you might as well hire someone to do it for you – either a professional marketing management team or a part time assistant depending upon your budget.
Despite some strong contenders, Facebook is still the biggest social platform and surely a social media tool, you’d never dare ignore.

Social media for small business
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Twitter – Where Professionals Talk
Twitter is more business oriented and has more professional users than the casual ones.
Banking on simplicity, it is the perfect site for professionals who are short on time and cannot invest as much time as in Facebook.
Short, sweet and simple, Twitter lets a user tweet a message in just 140 characters with the ability to add in a URL to the specific website.

Casual users with no objective to business are hardly active on Twitter and therefore it has grown into a platform where you follow entrepreneurs or individuals who are related with your business. Twitter emphasizes on, give and take. I tweet your post, you tweet mine and there you go! Relationship built!

You can follow people based on similar interests and because this is a great platform for businesses to collaborate and share ideas, Twitter is always the perfect station to get the latest news right from the horse mouth. Where Facebook can be used to interact with customers, Twitter is used to interact with businesses and get on the bandwagon of promotional marketing.

Google Plus – Bursting with The Google Power
It took Facebook years to reach 10 million users; it took Google Plus just a month to get up to 20 million users. And that my friend, is the power of Google!
Disregarding the negative vibes associated with this social network (the competition with Facebook et al), we should focus on how your business can benefit, and if it’s about benefits, then surely with G+ you get it in a perfect package.

First off, with every search result, you’ll see a small +1 button neatly placed at the end of the title. That button enables you to share the site within your circles (aka friends, family, and colleagues).

Google had also claimed that the Plus button will be an element in their ranking factors as well! Now this is definitely a huge thing for businesses that are looking desperately for any factor that can increase their rankings.

Recently, Google Plus has also launched its Google Business Page that is quite similar to that of Facebook. If you want to have something less stressful and simpler than Facebook with access to 20 million subscribers, time you join Google Plus! But, be warned that Google Plus will not be as colorful or fun as Facebook though it’s a great place for serious professional.

YouTube – The Power of Online Videos
YouTube is a platform where you can reach out to millions of people and turn them into your site visitor, even customer through a digital video. A visual promo is a treat for customers as they are able to instantly connect with your company and the services you offer.
Again, the demand here is engaging content and in the case of a video, it has to be dynamic, productive and of a bearable length (max 5 minutes).

Ever since YouTube was launched it has become an instant hit. With hundreds of millions of customers getting registered and using this site every single day of their lives, YouTube is the platform you have to consider! But like other social media powerhouses, this calls in for some creativity and time! You need to connect with users and bring them not just one video, but a continuous stream of videos that will spark their interests in your website or business.

No matter which platform you decide to use, there is one thing you need to understand; it’s going to take a lot of time and patience before you see any results at all. You can’t get results within just a month.
It takes months of effort and dedication, time and energy to be able to get people to recognize your business and trust you enough to spend money on. These platforms are overcrowded with competitors who would go through any lengths to get their share of the sweet pie. The one who wins and gets the pie is the one who is willing to be patient and wait for results.

Roberto is an internet marketing expert by profession. Currently, he’s working for a UK based website that features tradesmen in Hull and tradesmen in Plymouth .

What’s your take on the social media for small business?
Post your comments below.

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    I think social media, including SEO, is one of the most important things that a small business can consider as a form of revenue. It is the cheapest, easiest, do it yourself way that a company could boost their traffic, and it could dramatically increase their sales ratio simply by being listed high organically on google. I have ran the marketing for several small businesses throughout the years, and seen just how much google, as well as other search engines could benefit small businesses thrive.

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