Top Marketing Trends for Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is a highly underestimated job, because most owners are way too busy just…

…running their business.

Believe me, running a small business isn’t easy these days.

So how do these owners put their company on the online map?

Melissa Davis has a few tips on that issue. And if you’re not an owner yourself, read this carefully, as you may discover this is a business for yourself, helping out local merchants.

Here goes. Enjoy!

small business marketing
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Anyone who owns a business knows that small business marketing is no easy task.

Owners are bombarded each and every day by a variety of different ad reps telling them that their product will flood them with customers.

The truth is, there are many good advertising products which can deliver customers; however, if you would like to focus on the most cost-efficient and effective means of marketing your small business then online advertising is the way to go.

Do it your self?

Many small-business owners are very busy and may think they do not have time to figure out how to use the Internet to leave their mark. This is often times a misconception when it comes to advertising online.

There are many things that may get you penalized by the search engines, but some companies may still employ some tactics which are questionable in order to gain short-term results. The following are a few things you can do in order to accomplish your small business marketing online yourself.

Pay per click is one of the first things most small business owners try out when they are getting started with online marketing.
This simply means you are bidding on keywords which your customers are searching for in order to appear at the top of search listings.

PPC campaigns can be very effective, but there are some downfalls.
These campaigns must be followed closely in order to be profitable. Many small business owners simply try to outbid the competition to get to the number one spot. However, if your conversions are not good you can end up losing a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Before getting started in pay per click you should thoroughly research all aspects and nuances of this marketing method.

Free Organic Search
Ranking your website highly in the organic search results is a combination of successful on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO simply means making your website search engine friendly which your designer can help you do. You will also want the keywords you are trying to rank for to appear on your pages.

The second part of ranking involves off page SEO which generally consists of building links to the pages you are trying to rank. Many of the search engines, such as Google, see a link pointing to your site as a positive vote. The more votes you get the higher you can rank.

Here are a few places where you can get links for your website.
• Article Directories
• Blog Comments
• Forum Posts
• Business Directories
• Link Exchanges with Related Sites

Social Media
Social media is becoming very popular with small business marketing.

Creating a Facebook fan page for your business and promoting it through your friends and family is a great way to drive traffic to your business.

Also, media such as Twitter can also be utilized. If you are a restaurant owner you can urge current customers to sign up to follow you on twitter and even leave their e-mail addresses for specials. Whenever business is slow simply send out a Tweet or an e-mail with a special coupon which has to be used within the next couple of hours to try and drum up some business.

You may also find popular local blogs which you can follow and interact with in the comment section. Many blog owners will allow you to leave a link to your business in your posts. Be helpful and honest in your comments and you may see the results with increased business.

Theses are only a few on the ways you can use the Internet for small business marketing. Let these examples spur your imagination and good luck!


So far Melissa about small business marketing.
Any remarks?
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7 thoughts on “Top Marketing Trends for Small Business Marketing

  1. Tyler says:

    So I’m a small business owner and I’ve had a pay per click campaign for about 6 years now. I actually have an organic ranking that many people would be happy with on my main keywords. That being said, I want an even higher ranking. Within the past month I’ve created a Facebook fan page and twitter account ( feel free to “like” and “follow” us ).

    I’m now starting to get into the off page seo and I’m a bit confused. How do I know if I am actually spending time on the right websites? All the blogs or forums that I have already joined the discussion with were related to my industry. I heard that the biggest factor is relevance.

    Can you maybe tell me if there is something specific in these industry related sites and blogs that I should be looking for.

    Thanks a lot

    • Case Stevens says:

      There are a lot of articles on this blog about the topic, but the short answer is: try to find sites that have a DOfollow policy and aim for those that have the best web reputation (which often means a high Pagerank, but not necessarily).

  2. Tyler says:


    how do i tell if the blogs or forums have a “dofollow policy”? also, where do i find the pagerank?

    as you can tell, im new to this part of marketing so i appreciate all of your help.


    • Case Stevens says:

      Try a search for Dofollow Search Engine and Pagerank on Google

    • Steve Hippel says:

      Hi Tyler.
      Try typing do follow diver in your Google search bar. Click on the website that is number 1 and you will find a search tool that returns only do follow blogs.
      You can download free SEO_Quake toolbar for FireFox to see pagerank and other SEO information about websites. Just search seo quake and you will find it. Hope this helps.

  3. Steve Hippel says:

    So often the so called experts will tell you that you should not build your own website or take control of your web presence.
    How nice it is to see someone else talking sense on this miss-understood subject.
    The experts want you to buy their services but Melissa is giving you sound and practical advice.
    We have a situation where around 80% of small business websites are as good as invisible and who built most of them? The so called experts.
    If you want your money spent right away on all the wrong things, then hire a so called expert. If you would prefer to build your web presence from the ground up based on factual data and for next to nothing, do it yourself.
    A website can be seen as a marketing business in its own right. Treat it like a business, start with a small investment and concentrate on the marketing, not the flashy website. Make it pay for its own development while being an asset to your business.
    Take the advice of a small business owner, not a designer with no business or life experience. Your website should be a powerful marketing tool first and an extension of your companies ego second.
    Brand is important but should not be the first consideration. A low cost website that is regularly seen by the right people will deliver far better results than a super slick site that isn’t.
    Thank’s again for an honest post.

  4. Leon Mullen says:

    I own an online pearl jewelry business and have been through this grind of build and promote. As it’s been rightly pointed out, there are two phases to the visibility of your website on the web. First, off course comes with the help of the ‘not-so-liked experts’. They are going to build your web presence and will continue to do it. You need to stress upon the requirement that, the website needs to be search engine friendly (Now what does that mean? Let the experts handle it.) So, once your baby is born, you need to nourish it, so that it is known to the world. There are various marketing agencies which can help you. They will promote your website at the right places, which will increase the conversion rate and also, improve your website’s relevance (Search Engines). Today, if you search for the keyword ‘Pearl Necklace’, you will see my site ( ranked on the first page of Google results. I hired an agency to do my job. Alternately, if you have time at your hands, you can do it yourself. Hope it helps.

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