Six figure income in only 500 hours

It sounds like a dream: earning a six figure income in only 500 hours.

But that actually happened to Patrick Meninga of Make Money With No Work.
It’s a very interesting and instructive story, certainly if you can write great articles. And I certainly appreciate his way of creating backlinks.

Read it carefully, maybe someday it will happen to you too. Here’s Patrick telling exactly how he did accomplish that six figure income.

How I Built a Six Figure Website in Under 500 Hours

My flagship website was earning me very good money – over $2,000/month at one point.  I eventually sold it when someone offered me $200,000 for it.  

So how did I achieve this level of success with such a small time investment?  After all, 500 hours can be accomplished with just 2 hours per day in less than a year!

Here are the three “secrets” that got me there:

1) Average of three articles published daily.
2) A precise marketing strategy focused on high quality backlinks.
3) Ignore distractions and take a long term perspective.

Average of three articles published daily

Volume matters.  The idea is to create a large authority website and rank for lots of long tail queries in the search engines.  If you have over a thousand articles and decent authority then you can probably earn a full time income from the combination.  

How do you get over a thousand articles on your website?  

Write them yourself.  What looks like an “unclimbable” mountain is actually pretty simple to conquer: simply publish 3 articles every day.  Period.  Done deal. 

six figure income climb
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Within a year you will be at your target of having over 1,000 articles on your website.  

One major caveat to keep in mind, however: 

Your articles have to be good.  

Darn good.  Fantastic, in fact.  

So you may not be comfortable publishing three each day at first.  

Rest assured, if you keep at it, you will one day be able to crank out three quality articles in a single day.  

If you want a six figure website, this is the main shortcut that will get you there….high volume publishing.  Three per day is the magic number.  Anything less will be agonizingly longer wait to see real money.

Precise marketing strategy focused on high quality backlinks

All of that quality content that you are putting up needs some promotion.  

If you want to stay underneath the 500 mark, then you cannot waste time with things that do not lead to future income.  

For the most part, social media marketing strategies should take care of themselves and be handled almost entirely by your readers.  If you are creating phenomenal content and have the appropriate buttons and widgets installed, social media should take care of itself.  

What you need to focus on for promotion is getting a few really good links.  Period.  

My suggestion is to write original and useful guest posts to be published on other sites within your niche.  

Is there still a place in Internet marketing for cheap manufactured links?  Perhaps.  However, they are a poor use of your time, unless you already have some authority based on “real” guest post links.  If you must, outsource the creation of these supporting links after you build a strong foundation with guest posting.  That way you are not wasting precious time that could be spend creating high quality content on-site. 

There are only two activities to concern yourself with:

1) Putting premium content on your website.
2) Creating backlinks to your website.

If your workflow spreads the 500 hours out over one to two years, then I suggest that you spend roughly 75% of your time creating killer on-site content, and only 25% promoting it with strong links.  

After a certain point your time spent marketing drops to zero, and all of your effort can be focused on creating premium on-site content.  

You only have to build link juice and site authority once.  Streamline the process by pushing hard for quality guest posts.

Ignore distractions and take a long term perspective

You can absolutely create a six figure website by only working on it part time.  The secret is that you must be patient and give the site time to age while you build it. 

This works out very well if you focus on quality on-site content.  

It also works particularly well if you focus on getting just a few high quality backlinks rather than lots of cheap manufactured links.  A flood of cheap links might brink quicker rankings and traffic, but the quality guest posts will build lasting authority over time. 

The manufactured links will lose effectiveness over time unless you create more of them, while the handful of guest post links will stand the test of time.  

Achieve your income goal by eliminating distractions and working efficiently:

* Have a daily publishing quota while maintaining high quality. 
* Spend about a quarter of your time creating high quality guest posts for strong backlinks. 

That’s it.  Have enough patience to allow time for trust to build.  

Do these things consistently and you will meet your income goals. 

Any questions?  Ask me in the comments!

Patrick Meninga is helping you build a successful online business to make money without hard work, no scams, no opt ins, no sleazy marketing at Make Money With No Work

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4 thoughts on “Six figure income in only 500 hours

  1. Matthew says:

    There is another way to make cash on the net that I keep hearing a lot about. It seems to be that there are so many people out there selling products using affiliate marketers for their sales that a new job market is exploding… A manger is needed to keep up with all the array of things that sellers have to do…from paychecks to helping network the marketers and give support, etc. I really don’t know how to affiliate market so my description may be a little rough. I intend to go to a conference in London and learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Supposedly, there will be people there looking to hire the new managers coming to the conference. I am not interested in that, but I hear the commissions are lucrative. I just want to earn cash at home and stay with my little ones.

  2. lon says:

    I’ve subscribed to this thread in the hope that you’ll reply to my question and give me some help.

    I got here by searching for backlinking topics, and wondered if you’d be able to help me.

    Is a sort of reverse-backlinking feature feasible? As in, instead of writing killer content like you say, and having it link to me, can I have other people write killer content for my blog, and then hope that I catch other people searching for it?

    Does that make sense?

  3. Patrick, what about posting youtube videos with back links to your site. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by guest posts.

  4. Jian says:

    I agree. A high-quality content will only be put to waste if it’s not promoted well. It’s better to rely on few high-quality links than on hundreds of spammy links.

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