How Simple Internet Marketing Can Be

As the economy continues to waver and as the World Wide Web becomes increasingly popular, there are an increasing number of people trying to become successful in Internet Marketing.

Sadly, a large percentage of people will bomb. They just won’t generate enough income to make it work profitable. A few will even lose money. But there is no cause for this. The easiness of Internet Marketing is what makes it so beautiful. Regrettably, most people don’t understand this.

The two primary factors that every Internet Marketer needs to apply in order to win is a firm plan and severe work. That’s it! Being successful in Internet Marketing genuinely is just that easy.

The first main factor to accomplishing success with Internet Marketing is one that is frequently missed by people. You have to have a plan.
Even better, you have to have a firm plan. A plan that will function.

Easy Internet Marketing
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And you can come up with such a plan by simply doing your research and brainstorming and then just create the plan. Fortunately there are innumerous forums and IM products that deal with this very topic. The only thing you should do is read-up on planning and then get rolling.

Of course, any successful plan starts with a good idea.
There are already a whole slew of good ideas on the Net that are ready to use. Take the Warrior forum for instance. Or Digital Point, just to mention two of them (there are many, many more!).
These are outstanding places with tons of resources to create a good plan. People post them, completely free.
Simply read through the threads, select something you like and has been working for other people and then just do it better than the people who provided the ideas.

That is the easiness of Internet Marketing.

To do anything better than someone who is already thriving, you have to put in a lot of work.
It should be a given to work hard, but strangely it isn’t. Numerous people jump into Internet Marketing with the idea to work only a few hours a week and making millions of dollars as a result of that. For a great part, Internet marketing itself is to blame for that because of the ‘make money’ opportunities hype.

This just isn’t realistic. Internet Marketing really is heavy work. Sure, many so called ‘gurus’ DO make tons of money without doing much work, but many people forget that such situation was only created by putting in thousands upon thousands of hours.

If you have a firm plan and you’re willing to put in hours and hours of work, you will deliver the goods at Internet Marketing. It’s as easy as simply mold your own plan after people who are already prospering. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

If need need extra help developing your internet marketing action plan, then check out my Internet marketing funnel system. It’s completely free!

What are your thoughts?
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17 thoughts on “How Simple Internet Marketing Can Be

  1. joe comp says:

    yes indeed.many people wants to produce many money without thinking what plan that they should make to have this happen.they include me just want that internet marketing will go for good without look what and how it is.

    but with your posting, i have to learn to make a plan so that my work will be good.thank you very much

  2. Interesting topic – you’re absolutely correct that few will succeed, many fade away.

    I heard an interesting comment today from Joe Vitale. He mentioned that the reason online marketing doesn’t succeed for everyone is because they still use the original system of building a business on-line – find a problem and supply a solution.

    That surprised me until I heard how his success is generated. Joe says, he wants to know “What do you want?” (from his target market). Then he paints the picture in words of how they can achieve their dreams.

    Eugene Schwartz of “Breakthrough Advertising” defines a copywriter as the script writer of your customer’s dreams.

    If the best in the industry think this way, so should we web marketers and product developers.

    Thanks for bringing a hot topic to the surface, great job today!


  3. Andrew says:


    A very thought provoking post…Internet Marketing is so varied…copywriting, traffic generating, seo, website building, blogging, affiliates….

    I’ve been on-line for 3 years now and I still learn something new everyday about ‘Internet Marketing’ and I’ve had several ‘world famous’ mentors and purchased all the ‘gurus’ courses.

    If someone is really starting out now, buy (or go to the local library) and get an up-to-date and inexpensive book on IM and put your plan together.


  4. Quality Wordpress Themes says:

    I agree. It seems there are a lot of people turning towards making money online after losing their jobs but they are misguided if they think making money online easy without prior knowledge.

    I would advise people not to spend money on fancy internet marketing ebooks claiming to “make $300,000 in 3 months” or whatever as they are a waste of money. The same info can be found on reading blogs like this one which really do teach you how to make money online and not some misleading ebook.

    Just my 2 cents worth 😀

    Brandon Walker

  5. Bingo says:

    This is a really good post. makes you think. You mention warrior forums, but i say they have gone down hill. Too many kids there messing with the system.

  6. Dodge trucks says:

    I read regular post on this site but from some time i miss it last time i read, “How To Optimize Your Images” and it is very useful for me and i learn some simple ways for marketing and i also use some things when i start new project, First thing is know your site and after get the visitors’ attention and third most important thing use simple language for your visitors after that Emphasise what you can offer and last point your visitors in the right direction. You are the winner by follow this steps in marketing.

  7. PowerPoint Templates says:

    You raise a good point. Every business needs a plan and within that business each action requires a plan. A marketing plan has 3 critical components the action, the goal and a way to measure the success of the action.

  8. Marketing Plan Template says:

    It is very easy to get caught up with having so much to do that you never actually sit down and devise a proper plan. I agree with you though – a plan is essential to focus your efforts and ensure that you’re spending your time effectively rather than just doing bits of marketing here and there.

  9. Kelli-Ann says:

    How Simple Internet Marketing Can Be is a very simple concept pared with planning and hard work. How much more simple can it be?

    I really like the straight forward language that tells the real truth about internet marketing, the income possibilities and what it takes to get there.

    Unfortunately, there are too many who are willing to give you hype, take your money and run without giving so much as one iota of truth. No so here and that is to your credit.

    Thanks. I’ll return often for more down to earth info.


  10. Wendy Sizemore says:

    Excellent post. I believe for any successful internet business, the plan and its initiation is very important. Your post makes it even more evident. Thanks.

  11. Do-follow Blog says:

    I dont think marketing is that simple for me I struggle a bit. You post is really good to motivate someone like me.

    Good points Plan, Unique Idea, Good Knowledge = Successful business.

  12. x says:

    A great post. I always thought that Internet marketing is a complex thing and i always hesitated to take on this. But your post has made me to change my thinking. It is lot more easier then what i thought and is fun as well.

    Thanks for Such a wonderful post.

    Keep doing the good work.

  13. Jamexpo says:

    A great post. Your post really change my point of view regarding Internet marketing. It has broaden my vision. The stuff is very helpful.

    thank you

  14. Winson John says:

    Very informative post. Even I started my Internet Marketing career thinking that making money online is easy and it doesnt take any hard work. But soon found that even my good resourceful website is completely lost without promotion and marketing. Making a website is easy part but promotion and marketing does take considerable effort and hard work.

    Thanks for your link to Internet marketing funnel system articles. Its very detailed and will be a great help to me. Good luck.

  15. Hair Care says:

    that was stating one great explanation in realms of internet marketing. it pays to research well and implement all the plans in a coordinated way. thnaks for bringing a hot topic to the surface.


  16. Webrevolve says:

    Interesting read, i am currently researching into affiliiate marketing at the moment, the best thing i would recommend is set up on the side of something else and invest a fair bit of time, (not all your time), then if it grows after 6 months pursue it properly and then you get a clear idea of whether or not it’s going to bomb without losing too much or being disheartened.

  17. Joey Logano says:

    It’s great to see alot of comments about this topic, I think just like with anything else in life, anything can be conquered as long as you follow the advice of others, especially those who have already been successful and have paved the way.

    In your post you mentioned the two factors to become successful at internet marketing “a firm plan and severe work”, to be quite honest, that is the 2 primary factors to succeed in just about anything in life! So I believe, as long as a person can posses those 2 factors, no matter what they are doing, they will go far! I think sometimes, people don’t succeed in some avenues, its because they give up too easily.

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