Shorten URL’s, Hide Affiliate Links And Track Referrers

Many affiliate links, especially in Internet marketing niches, are worthless, because people who click on them, first delete the section that identifies the Affiliate.

The reasons for this is to replace the ID with theirs, so they can get commissions which is real theft.
Or they just don’t want you to receive a commission which is very childish, but it exists.

Want to hide your affiliate links? You can, for free. Read on.

Have you ever used long URL’s that were split into several lines, because they just don’t fit into one?

Here’s an example: LTID=19&LID=112&ParentAID=1580758729

Compare that to this one:
Yep, same destination!
Want to shorten your URL’s? You can, for free. Read on.

Or maybe you very much would like to know where the clicks on your links came from?
You want to know who your ‘referrers’ are, so you can see which ones work and which ones don’t.
You can DO that, easy and free!

Just go here (link removed; service no longer available) and sign up there.

Case Stevens

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