Building A Serious Internet Business Is NOT Easy

Welly Mulia runs a serious Internet business since he left his day job in 2008.

So, who’s better qualified to tell about this topic than Welly.
That’s why I accepted his guest post of today.

You can read it below.
Have fun reading and then take action. It’s valuable!

Building A Serious Internet Business Is NOT Easy

Beginners who are trying to learn about building a serious Internet business generally think that it’s very easy to do so.

They can’t really be blamed can they?

With all the Internet marketing products out there claiming how EASY it is to earn money online, it’s natural that they’d think this way.

Serious Internet Business from Jakarta
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However, this thought that “it’s easy” quickly turns to “it’s so HARD” once they start implementing what’s being taught in the Internet marketing ebooks, reports, and videos.

The reality is that building a profitable and serious Internet business is definitely NOT easy, but it’s SIMPLE.

Simple and easy is different.

Easy subconsciously implies that anyone can do it without much work and effort, and that they will succeed at first try since it’s easy.

SIMPLE, on the other hand, means that the overall concept of building a serious Internet business is simple and straightforward.

Once these beginners who initially thought that it’s easy start to feel that it’s HARD to succeed online, they will start to OVER-COMPLICATE things and regard Internet marketing as something only those SUPER talented and smart people can succeed at.

Which is totally NOT true.

They will groan and bemoan: “Oh no Internet marketing is so HARD. You have to learn HTML, you need to learn how to set up a squeeze page, create an info product, drive traffic, SEO, install scripts, tracking and testing, recruit affiliates, set up shopping cart, do customer service, follow up using autoresponder, etc.”

The TRUTH is building a serious Internet business does NOT have to be hard and complicated.

The Internet business model is actually quite SIMPLE. Yes you may have to learn all the skills mentioned above, but think of it as a learning process.

Hey you’re here now reading this article on right? This means you NOW know how to operate a computer, open up your browser, and type in

You didn’t know how to do it twenty years ago, but you know how to do it now.

When you were a baby, you don’t know how to open your mouth and speak. You don’t know how to walk. But today those skills and abilities are second nature to you.

How many years did you go to school? Some 12 years I believe.

What about college?

The good news is that you don’t have to spend THAT long learning about building a serious Internet business. It’s MUCH faster than that.

The problem is when all those products say that Internet marketing is EASY, our human’s greed tend to take over and our minds make us think that it’s really easy when in fact it’s not. At the slightest failure, or when things don’t go EXACTLY as what we wanted or hoped for, we whine and conclude that Internet marketing is HARD and that we’ll never be successful.

It’s because of this EXPECTATION that it’s easy that’s what making beginners to give up easily when they’ve encountered the slightest bit of road blocks.

Building an Internet business is SIMPLE. It consists of building ONE (1) sales funnel, and then driving traffic to that funnel.

There are a few steps involved:

Step 1:
Find an EXISTING market with a PROBLEM that WANTS to be solved

Step 2:
Create a “PERCEIVED” (at least in the eyes of your target audience) BETTER product (in the form of a CONTINUITY program) than your competitors, and then position it DIFFERENTLY so that your product stands out in your marketplace

Step 3:
Now create a Freebie that is CLOSELY RELATED to the product you’re selling

Step 4:
Create a squeeze page to give away your Freebie for Free

Step 5:
Drive traffic to your squeeze page

Step 6:
Refine and tweak your sales funnel to increase your profits

Of course, in each of the above steps, you need to learn more skills. But that is what building a profitable Internet business is all about.

You might argue that you don’t need to create your own product and can simply promote affiliate products to earn money.

That is true.

But if you want to build a BIG business and learn SERIOUS money, then creating and selling your own products is your BEST way of achieving that.

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Case again.
I think Welly gave us some valuable information. Actually, he’s a remarkable guy. Just read Welly’s amazing personal story. He’s a guy you can trust!

So, what do you think? Is building a serious Internet business easy or not?
Post your comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Building A Serious Internet Business Is NOT Easy

  1. That’s a good article.
    I agree that, the steps to building an Internet business are simple, in theory, but in practice it may be less straightforward than suggested. Instantly creating a product that is better than all the competitors’ in that particular industry isn’t too easy, especially if you’re new to the industry.
    A successful product usually has to be constantly refined and market-tested, which can involve considerable resources, especially in the case of software development, for example.
    Everybody would love to invent a product that would fill a void in a niche market, but many inventors go bankrupt trying to do that. So over-coming that first step isn’t as simple as it sounds!

    • Welly Mulia says:

      Hi Paul,

      Yes it’s not as easy as it sounds. And I’m not saying is easy. You still need to do work, and yes you can’t create a product instantly that’s better than your competitors. What I’m laying out above is the basic business model which everyone can follow. You’re right in saying that you need to refine and tweak your product to make it better.

      Welly Mulia

  2. You are right Welly. Many new comer thought it’s easy to stay on internet and earn some healthy amount. They thought there knowledge is enough. They never thought its have its own process and one have to follow those process accordingly to reach the pick high. May be that’s why we see lot of website and blogs in same niche every now and then and very soon they just disappear from net.

  3. Michelle says:

    Definitely not easy, there is a lot of planning involved, then worse, the executing… and the gaining from it. It’s no walk in the park.

  4. Andrew @ Blogging Guide says:

    I think Welly has got it spot on and it is something I have been mentioning for a long time now.

    Certain Internet Marketers want you to believe that by buying their $27 e-book, you’ll become an instant millionaire…and people are sucked into it.

    I recently opened up an Internet Business membership course and up front we told people it would take them a few months before they start earning any income. We also told them it would be hard work. I bet we lost quite a few sales as a result but I’d rather be open honest and tell it how it is than be a scam artist.

    Best article I’ve read for ages – thanks.


  5. Internetsvijet says:

    One thing is for sure:
    There are two ways of promoting and earning on net:
    you coming online to build a marketing business and make money by generating leads
    you coming online to learn how to attract people into your business and build trusting relationships with them in order to build a huge network so everybody can grow a substantial income?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This post offers a tried and trusted formula, unfortunately it involves some work so the majority of people will never follow all the steps long enough to succeed:-)

  7. Stu says:

    lol at point 5

    “Drive traffic to your squeeze page”

    This is not as simple as it might seem. You can drive all the traffic to your squeeze page you like, but if it’s not targeted traffic who wants to buy your product, it’s pointless.

    Getting targeted traffic is where it’s at.

  8. Kris Beus says:

    Very good article. You are right it is not easy, but quite simple. I have been working online for quite a while now and have realized I do the same thing over and over to beat my competiton. Anyway good post.

  9. Sgeoptimering says:

    I very well understand the pain it takes it building a successful internet business. It requires alot of hard work (building quality backlinks)and time. Keeping the site updated on a regular basis is also very important.

  10. Submit Startup says:

    Don’t forget marketing is one of the most important factors. Try Blog Reviews for your Startup and see the buzz to determine your success!

  11. jepoykun says:

    Great article I know that building a MLM business is not easy it took me 2 years to figure out how all this Internet marketing stuff works. Websites like yours are a very good tool for new people and you bring really great stuff to the Internet thanks for sharing.

    graphic design

  12. Vic | UPrinting Coupons says:

    I think the real challenge in starting a internet business is not how to start one but how to stand out from the rest of the competition.

  13. Michael says:

    You’re right, building a web business isn’t easy, it’s a lot of hard graft but it is simple. You don’t even need to learn website design languages now because there are a wealth of applications to do that for you like Dreamweaver etc.

    I have several online ventures and one physical venture which at times is a godsend because I can’t spend all day at a computer – i’ve got too much enery for that.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This will really help someone that has a problem with or having a hard time making an internet business, for example the freebie diversion, its really a good technique to sell your marketing items, or services…

  15. Some people who were just starting, and especially those who were enticed by those “a few hours” workweek, would easily give up after they realized that to get to that point, they need to work for at least 12 hours a day first. and this grueling period has no definite duration.

    I’m currently at that stage (working almost 12 hours everyday just to make this work). And I’m not even sure if I’m at the correct niche. Haha.

  16. Romoel Cano says:

    It will go smoothly as long as you get guidance from an experienced one in this field (which is usually not the case). And yeah… expecting something big and getting a medium sized one hurts a lot more than getting something small that you’re not expecting. It’s because that we expect it to be like ABC that we whine and stop trying upon our first failure.

  17. Donna Parker says:

    planning, designing,executing , implementation and testing are the 5 steps to be taken before developing any product.Any person who wants to be innovator should be having a pre-planned design after through research of the competitors ,only then it can be successful.

    • Welly Muliia says:

      Hi Donna,

      For a beginner, I wouldn’t encourage him to be an innovator – that is, creating something totally new. I’d much rather see him going after markets that are already proven to make money. Planning is designing is good, but one shouldn’t spend too much time and effort, because this will typically lead to action paralysis.

      Welly Mulia

  18. Chris Pontoon says:

    I so agree that starting one up can be so difficult. I find the issue is when you don’t see anything coming in and everything going out and you want to turn around and run for that hourly job that truthfully is dead in as well, but just has enough linked to it for a quick relief.


    Chris Pontoon

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree that people who are just starting out should not attempt to “re-invent the wheel.” Beginners would do much better for themselves by sinking their teeth into niches which are known to be moneymakers. After gaining some experience, then they can venture out into newer unchartered territories.

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