Four Simple SEO Tips You Can Apply To Your Website Today

If you own a business and have a website, you’ve probably heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You’ve probably even been cold called by telemarketers explaining how they can get your website on the top of search engine results if you juts sign up for their SEO packages.

While there is a need for quality SEO, if you operate in a small niche or in a small local market you can probably make some easy changes to your website that will bring it to the first page of search results. And the best thing is you don’t have to be a computer guru to make these changes.

As the owner of an SEO firm, I know that ranking on top of search engines can have a huge impact on your overall revenues. But I also know that businesses often have limited budgets and can’t afford to pay for SEO packages each and every month.

To help keep your costs down but still take advantage of search engine traffic, here’s four easy tips you can apply today to help improve your website ranking.

  1. Update Your Website
    You don’t have to be a web designer to do this, especially if you have a content management system (CMS) powering your website such as WordPress, Joomla, or VBulletin.
    Going through your site and freshening up a bit can be great for your search engine rankings.

    And you can even take it one more step and post some fresh, new content in your blog on a regular basis to help beef up your website’s overall content. This will tell search engines your an authority in your niche and if you write good content you will likely get other websites linking back to you, another important SEO metric.

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  2. Optimize Your Website
    There’s hundreds of things you can do on your website to optimize it, but a few simple things you can change are your title tags, meta information, linking structure, and keyword placements.

    Research a few keywords that your customers are likely searching for, and then strategically place those in your title tags, meta tags, website articles, and use those keywords as the anchor text of the links on your website. On site SEO can bring you to the first page of results all by itself if you are in a small niche or small local market.

  3. Have A Well Built Website
    If you hired your neighbor or the kid down the street to build your website, chances are it isn’t properly coded. It could be missing major elements such as title tags, it could be missing important HTML elements such as head and body tags, or it could be all flash based. These are things I see on a weekly basis in people interested in our SEO services, and until we fix these issues we really can’t do much to get their site ranked.

    If you feel confident, you can do a little research into major mistakes that freelance web designers make and how to fix them, but in many cases you’re better off hiring a web designer to fix the coding or recode an entirely new website.

  4. Build Some Links
    Links are considered votes by search engines, and the more quality links you have the better you’ll rank. If there’s websites that you can submit to in your area to get a link, spend some time submitting to them. You can also try to get attention through articles in a local news website, links from review sites, and guest blog posting. Building a few links can have a huge difference if you’re in a small niche or small local market.

Overall if you’re in a competitive market or large city, these tips will help but they likely won’t bring you to the first page of search results. SEO is a long, ongoing process that generally requires specialized knowledge, some of which I have shared with you today, but more importantly requires a large amount of time.

If you have a limited budget I highly suggest you try out these tips first to see if you can rank your site on your own, otherwise if you can’t or don’t have the time to try these tips it might be time to research SEO providers.

SEO Expert Brendan Egan

Guest post by Brendan Egan, owner of Simple SEO Group, an online marketing, web design, and SEO firm that helps small businesses improve their web presence.

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  1. Lynn Hammer says:

    I own my own business (on the side) and have implemented some of the changes you recommend. I have managed to build some backlinks and have seen some improvement in traffic to my site, however have not had an increase in inquiries and how do I know the traffic is real? and not some robots? I guess when I receive an inquiry that question will be answered. In the meantime I am still working on it.

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