How To Sell Products Like Crazy – Article Writing Tips 4

Today I want to share a very, very powerful article writing tip with you.

In previous issues, we have discovered that solutions are almost always a great basis for your articles.

When planning a topic to write about, try to discover a solution for a problem that is closely related to that topic. Offer (the beginning of) the solution within the content of your article.

If you do that you’ll grab your reader’s attention immediately, because people desperately want to solve their problems. Then explain in detail why your product or service is closely related to that solution.

Here’s how you can use this strategy to its fullest extent.

7 Minute Articles

Warning: don’t mistake this idea with writing a good review. That’s a good one, but it can’t match the power of the technique described below.

Next time you promote a great affiliate product, come up with a specific killer example of a problem that the product you promote will solve. Work that out in an article as described in Tip 3 and you’ll do so much better than just using the affiliate promotion tools that everyone else uses.

Ewen Chia is a master in using this strategy. That’s why he’s almost always ranked number 1 in Top Affiliate Lists and became an online millionaire.

Another master, but a very silent one, is Allen Says, owner of the Warrior Forum.
Without exaggeration, he’s one of the very best when it comes to using this article writing tip to generate a great online income.

In fact, I learned about this technique from Allen in his book Private Posts and now that I mention that, I still remember how the adrenaline was raging through my body as I read one great tactic after another. Even Ewen Chia said that “This is Gold”. You may want to check it out now.

But I digress (a lot; I just re-read Private Posts completely!).

While writing your article, don’t be shy. Let your readers know exactly how the product can help them. Explain to them how the product fixes the problem or avoid having it again in the future.

Once you have done a good job of convincing them that your affiliate product can help them, you will be sure to have a great article.

Try it!
And get back soon for another great tip!

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