Easy Sale Letter Sample That Sells

Today I give you a sale letter sample that can help you get started selling your own products.

Because you need an effective sales letter if you want to sell.

As obvious as that may sound, lots of people don’t know how to do that.

Like Dave Prentice who writes to me:

Hey Case,
I’m looking for help to get my internet business off the ground.

and then he explains what he’s up to.

I think Dave may have a good product that he wants to promote at alphawavemeditation.com. But it lacks a good sales message.

Writing a great sale letter isn’t that easy. You’ll need an expert to do this and believe me, they’re expensive because it’s a tough job.

Still, you can start out writing by using this easy sale letter sample that gets you on your way.

To write great sales letters, first thing you need is a formula and the most popular one probably is AIDA.
Which stands for

  • Attention,
  • Interest,
  • Desire and
  • Action.

The AIDA formula works and that’s why it is so popular. Therefore you should consider using it too, but there are other effective formula’s that you can find on the net. I’ll give you some great resources below.

Here are the most important parts of the AIDA formula that we’ll use in our sale letter sample.

The headline is used to grab the readers’ attention. It will determine whether your visitors begin reading your sales copy or not. Therefore you should make your headline as good as it can be.

That quite often leads to ‘hype’ headlines like “With this product you can sell pizza recipes to Italian mama’s” or “With this product you can sell fridges to Eskimo’s”.

I personally hate that kind of headlines. Instead, I use the main benefit of the product I’m selling. If you can, make a bold claim, but you always have to back that up in your sale copy!

That’s why I always start writing a sale letter sample by creating a list of benefits. You should do the same and your headline will be your biggest benefit and speaks directly to the person who you want to buy from you. Always remember that.

Most people mix up benefits and features. Features describe what product looks like (things you can touch or see), benefits are how users can profit from those features (feelings).
There’s no one who can explain this better than Paul Myers. Just read “Do You Know What You Need To Know?” and do yourself a big favor and sign up for his newsletter.

Test different headlines to increase sale conversion rates using split testing.

The next part in this sale letter sample is a subheading, backing up the headline. The subheading should target your audience and either introduce something that compliments the headline or expand on the headline. As with the headline, it should speak directly to your potential customers.

Body sale letter
The next part you need to include is the body of the letter. This is where you need to get the reader’s interest, make them want what you’re selling (desire), and make them think to buy it (take action).

In general, you first describe the problem (that you’re product is going to solve) and then come with the solution. Follow up with a benefit laden bullet list.

It’s often a good idea to tell a story in the body of the sales letter too, for example when describing the problem. It makes readers recognize and relate to that problem and it will awake a strong desire to have that problem solved.

Closing: Call to Action

The last part of this sale letter sample is the closing.
The main objective here is to get the reader to take action and buy what you’re selling.
Actually ask them to buy what you’re selling. Usually a closing will also include soothing any fears a reader might have about buying from you, like adding a strong guarantee. This will help the reader to take action as well. The closing always includes a signature and a couple postscripts.

Well, that’s in short your easy sale letter sample that you can use when starting out.
Remember, there’s much more to writing great sales letters than just this basic information.

There are tons of resources that can help you write a great sale letter and here are a few (to avoid info overload) for you to check out:
Michel Fortin Huge resource!
The Copywriter’s Toolkit (I use this one frequently with great success, hence I became an affiliate!)
The Gary Halbert Letter Another huge resource!
Copyblogger Very interesting content.

What do you think.
Is this sale letter sample helpful?
Write your comments below.

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15 thoughts on “Easy Sale Letter Sample That Sells

  1. Daniel Sharkov says:

    In my opinion when it comes to sales letters, the most important parts are the headline and the closing. If you can’t come up with a catching headline, then the chances are that you won’t be getting many people to read the whole letter. On the other hand if the call to action is poor, even if the letter is good on content, its effectiveness will be very low and you won’t be getting many sales.

    • Case Stevens says:

      The most important part of a sales letter is…
      a great product that is in demand.
      A superb sales letter won’t sell a poor product, but a mediocre sales letter will sell great products!
      Ever thought about it that way?

      • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

        I agree with you Case. A mediocre sales letter can sell a great product. But if you have a balance of great sales letter and a great product, you know what will be the result, right?



  2. Per H. Jørgensen says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the AIDA model – are going to send out some stuff next week, so the timing is perfect 🙂

    And the links to further resources are great – especially copyblogger seems to be interesting!

  3. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    Thanks for sharing this Case. Also, make sure that the product is great and in demand, that will also help and benefit a lot of people.



  4. Case Stevens says:

    Funny? Come on, Michel is one of the best! 🙂

  5. InfoZooms says:

    A strong pitch for me always includes a 100% money-back guarantee. The guarantee is a good testament of how confident the seller is of the quality of the product/services he or she is offering.

  6. Randy says:

    Writing sales letters is always something I have had a hard time with. I have had many so called gurus offer sales pages and products for you to try and sell. I never liked those because the thought of having 100’s of the same type page out there doesnt really do it for me. I ventured away from the thought of making money online, but I will stay tuned here to see how much I can learn. Things may change for me.

  7. Jim@tent camping tips says:

    The problem I have had with “canned” sales letters is the lack of personalized flavor. Sure, it’s easy to just copy and paste a letter and make a few tweeks, but knowing the ins and outs of each segment of a sales letter enables you to really get a good response.

  8. genevieve says:

    I agree with you. The first and foremost important thing in a sales letter is the headline. It can catch the attention of the clients to read the whole letter and would surely have great chances to sales. If you have a poor headline, the whole content of the letter will have less chances to be read.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i have tested tons of landing pages and the best sales copy as a stong set of benefirs at the start of the letter and the benefits must be ultra-secific ie
    This tip will save you £100 per month
    If you can include some testimonials and or trade certifications or accrediations then the better.

  10. FBlack @ Unfiled Tax Returns says:

    That’s a great outline for writing a sales-letter. Each market varies but what does not change is the need to test the various parts of the sales-letter, with either split-testing or multivariate testing.

  11. Antonio says:

    The AIDA is a great model for a solid sales letter. Another one I like to use is one from John Carlton.

    1. Here’s what I got.
    2. Here’s what it’ll do for you.
    3. Here’s how to get it.

    I’ve used it in a sales video before and I got some cool results.

    The links at the end rocks. Copyblogger is awesome! I’ve learned so much from Brian.

  12. lyndi0810 says:

    I have already heard about this technique before but never gave much importance until lately when I was assigned to create sales letter. It really did a great impact on our sales.

  13. Scott Markham says:

    I used AIDA also and it is very effective. You also have to be honest with what you would like to tell to your clients. Do not exaggerate your letter just to get their interests. Simplicity is also important and you have to be straight forward.

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