Increase sale conversion rates using split testing

Simple math learns that if you can increase your sale conversion rate from 1 to 2%, you will double your profits (minus expenses).

That simple equation tells us, you don’t need millions of visitors to make a nice profit.

In my previous post I talked about targeted traffic and those visitors are already looking for whatever it is you offer.
That kind of traffic is a prerequisite for higher sale conversion rates.

Starting from there, let’s see what else can we do to increase our conversion rates.

Sale Conversion
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The most important factor, very simple to implement, yet so often overlooked, is making sure that there are no obvious holes or leaks where the reader prefers to leave. Which often happens in a snap.
Avoid them as the plague, as they kill your sale conversion rates! It’s as simple as that.

The headline of your offer is the blinking neon sign at the entrance of your funnel house. It pulls your visitors in and there’s no other way to exit than the buy or back buttons.

The body of your sales letter entices your visitors to read on, as do your benefit bullets, testimonials, guarantees and so on. Learning how to write great sales copy is out of the scope for this article and there are tons of resources on the Net where you can get outstanding information on the topic. Naming one is skipping thousands of excellent others, but start your quest with Michel Fortin.

The question remains however: what are the best headlines, bullets, guarantees, closings and so on? In other words: which elements of your sales pages deliver the best sale conversion rates?

The answer is: I don’t know. In fact, no-one knows. If someone would know, that person would put many copywriters out of business right away. Mind you, copywriters KNOW what works and what doesn’t, but each situation, each product, each market is different.

So you have to put your copy to the test to increase your sale conversion rates.

You can do that by by implementing A/B split tests, using a split-testing script.

What you do is create two identical sales pages and only change 1 key element in one of them and then test which one is performing best. After your test has finished, you’ll keep the one with the highest sale conversion rate and replace the other by a new one until you can’t improve the element you’ve tested.

The absolute first key element to test are your headlines. They can make or break your sale conversion rates. You want the best converting headline on top of your offer.

After this you should test your subheadings. That’s because many visitors just skim your letter instead of reading it. If it’s well crafted, your visitor will know what the letter is about just by skimming through the sub headlines.

If you get them right, concentrate on another major area of leakage: the end of the letter. You want to have a strong guarantee, an effective call to action and minimal one good PS. It is at this stage the prospective buyer needs a push in the decision process to make the purchase.

Test your bullet list of benefits too. To get the highest sale conversion rates, you may use a tad of hype, but make sure your claims are never bigger than the proof that you can back them up with.

It speaks for itself that your product must be able to keep the promises made in your sales letter. The world certainly has grown tired of scams, and a top quality copywriter won’t even take an assignment unless they have seen or read the product first, to make sure that it meets their quality standards.

There are split-testing scripts available on the Net.
I just created one too and need it tested.
If your interested in a review copy, email me at support AT affordable-internet-marketing (replace AT by @), using the subject line ‘Split test review’ and I’ll get back to you with a review copy that you can put into practice to increase your sale conversion rates.
You DO need to know how to install a PHP script and to create a MySQL database.

Meanwhile let me know what you do about increasing your sale conversion rates.
Post your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Increase sale conversion rates using split testing

  1. Story Volume says:

    Google Website Optimizer works pretty well for this task if you’re willing to put up with a quirky and sometimes slow web interface.

    But with PHP scripts, you can be a lot more selective on the data that you review! And I bet it’s faster…

  2. Some great ideas here, we are constantly battling with conversion rates it almost always trial and error as no two sites react in the same way.

  3. Jeremy Weiss says:

    I love this – I run a hockey site, and recently switched email services to allow more split tests. Now I can split test everything… from optin rates to conversion rates (and everything in between!) Internet Marketing is so great because EVERYTHING is testable!!

    Thanks for the post!

    • Case Stevens says:

      Being able to test is a huge advantage.
      Being able to test things fast is even a sellers dream come true.
      That’s why Internet sales still will increase.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We’re looking into split testing on our retail site at the moment, as we appreciate it will give us much more insight into what’s working, or not!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Which are the split test script in the net?
    I don’t like Google split test service…
    Can u tell me where find thats?

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