How to Utilize Review Sites to Get an Eye on Your Brand’s Reputation

Getting your brand out there is crucial to establishing, maintaining, and growing your company. Back in the day, companies’ reputations were formed simply by selling a good product and avoiding bad publicity. Now, thanks to the world of the Internet, it’s companies’ online reputations that matter the most.

Maintaining your online reputation has become so important that it can be considered a full-time job all on its own. If you’re not up for the task, sites like can help your business maintain and defend its online reputation.

Review sites are one tactic that companies utilize to see what types of publicity they’re receiving and what types of reviews they’re getting. As a business concerned with your brand and online reputation, you will want to utilize these sites as often as possible to make sure you’re portraying a good, accurate image of your business, which will ultimately allow it to grow.

Brands and review sites

Nowadays, customers check online reviews for even well-known brands before buying a product. Review sites are a form of social media – just like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They help determine the success of your business. Customers use review sites to tell their story, whether good or bad. Reviews are powerful, so make sure you understand how to manage these sites, how to respond to negative feedback, and how to keep your brand a solid competitor.

Set up a review site

The first step in utilizing review sites to see where your brand is at is to set one up.
Setting up your own allows you to determine the guidelines, monitor the content, and respond to feedback. Google Places Reviews is great if you have a product, or Angie’s List works well if you’re offering a service.

Ultimately, you want positive reviews and positive feedback in order to bring in more customers and make your brand well-known. Review sites play a major role in this, but in the end it’s all about you and your product.

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Respond to negative feedback

If you find your brand is receiving an ample amount of negative reviews, don’t just try and cover them up. Really look into what the customers are saying and see how you can better your product or service.
Negative reviews are a way to change product strategy and development. Look at them as ways in which you can improve your brand. If the product or service is good, good reviews will follow.

Also, studies show that companies that have only positive reviews actually aren’t as trusted as those with a mix. Seeing only positive reviews might make a customer leery as to whether or not the product is legit. Realistically, no product or service is “perfect,” so don’t give off that illusion.

Keep your brand a solid competitor

This is done by knowing what your customers want and doing your best to give it to them. Being involved in social media and managing your online reputation are great tools in keeping your business in the loop. Businesses won’t survive if they’re not connected to the online world.
From networking to building and maintaining a brand to managing your online reputation, everything is done online. Stay in the know and always look for ways to be improving, which is best done via review sites. After all, the customers are what allow you to have a brand, so strive at keeping them satisfied and wanting more. Without the customers, there wouldn’t be a brand.

How about you?
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