Revenge of the Business Zombie

How to Wake Up and Start Marketing on the Internet

How you view your business is the only thing that separates the successful from those who don’t bring home the bacon.

You are in business to make cash, right?
Right. Most of us are.

But if you want to be or become successful, you should be in the first place in the business of helping people.
Do NOT ask what your customer can do for you or how they can fill your wallet…. instead, ask what YOU can do for your customer.

No really. Don’t laugh, let me explain, ok? It’ll just take a minute….

If you’re into a more Cosmopolitan perspective, you know that by giving you will receive. That’s why, by placing the accent on how you can assist others, the Cosmos appears to reward you by nature.
Maybe you think that’s hogwash. But think about this: if you ever place serving your client ABOVE making income, you will naturally pull in more clients.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say I’m concentrating on how much income I can make with my newest whizzbang ebook or product.
When I write my salesletter for it, that selfish posture is going to seep into my copy. On some degree I’m going to sound selfish and maybe even despairing. How come? Because I’m forcing for you to purchase my product so that I make cash. A client can smell that shallowness a mile away, just because it stinks.

Now assume instead that my intention is to help – I mean REALLY help – my client. When I sit down to write that salesletter, my different state of mind is going to make the copy more earnest…. and hence, it will produce more sales.

I know this from experience. When I was first setting out, I put products out in despair. I produced them to generate revenues for myself, with very little regard as to whether it would in reality help the client. And I tell you what, the people reading my sales letter knew it, and my conversions were horrendous.

Eventually I found out that the secret to success was to deliver “service” and not generating money. I learned that I exist to serve my clients…. but my clients do NOT exist to generate me an income.

When this paradigm shift occurred, astonishing things happened. I raised my prices and pulled in even more customers. Customers who spent thousands of dollars with me actually sent ME holiday presents and thank you cards!
All of this is directly related to the fact that my focus no longer is on money, but on customers!

There was a time, for instance, that I would say, “I want to create this e-book and make $15,000”.

Nowadays I say something like, “I want to create this site to help 5,000 people slim down”.

My intention is to help people. The money follows naturally…. and in greater amounts now than ever before when I was so focused on it that my clients became a peripheral part of my business. Peripheral? Dumb, eh? Customers ARE your business.

So let me ask you this, dear reader: how can I help YOU today? What can I do to better serve you and help you reach YOUR goals? Email me: case.stevens AT (replace AT by @ and delete the spaces)

Thanks for reading!

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