Ecommerce Conversion – How Remarketing has helped our online Golf Balls Store

Retargeting is not really a new marketing tactic or some hard kept secret that just came out. It’s just that we have started to see it getting more and more used, because it has become incredibly easier only recently.

Let’s say a customer visits your online store, spends some time on going through different products, and even proceeds to the checkout page, but leaves without completing the order.
While a normal business will rue it as a missed opportunity and forget, a smarter and up-to-date business will give it another go by retargeting the visitors who have shown interest in a particular product or service.

Remarketing is all about retargeting your visitors via paid advertising platforms like Google, Adroll, or Perfect Audience.

Remarketing is a great tool, especially when you are already spending some bucks on paid advertisements. Instead of squandering hundreds of dollars on showing your ads to random people, it’s better to spend some money on retargeting people who have already visited your website or online store, because they are more likely to buy, as compared to a random person.

And that’s exactly what we do at our Golf Balls Store.
For quite some time, we have been using remarketing for many different purposes, here’s how it has helped our business (and how it can be of help to yours).

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Imagine you’ve set up an online store and you are finding it hard to compete with the established brands, mainly because these brands have been working on their online presence for quite some time.
The easiest way to establish your store as a reputed brand in the minds of your target customers is to invest on remarketing.

Let’s say, a customer visits our golf balls store, and like some of our products, but leaves without buying because he/she isn’t too sure while buying from a relatively new business. And suddenly our ads start to appear on many different websites that they are visiting (thanks to remarketing).

Now, a big majority of customers are not really aware of retargeting and how it works, so they will start perceiving it as a big business that’s showing up everywhere on the Internet (simply the fact that a business is spending a lot of money on paid advertising will make them take your business more seriously).
Even if they don’t buy something straightaway, your brand will stay in their mind for quite some time and chances are, they will return to your store when they need a product or service in near future.

Better ROI:
As earlier mentioned, paid advertising is a great option, but it will need quite some time before you can learn the ins and outs of targeting the right keywords and the right audience. You might end up wasting lots of advertising dollars before you start getting some return on your investment, but there’s not much you need to learn when it comes to remarketing.

All you need to do is to make a remarketing list and come up with customized ads.
Good thing about remarketing is the kind of control and all those customization options. You can choose to remarket only to the visitors who have browsed certain pages of your website, so you can customize your ads according to the type of users instead of trying to shoot in the dark.

You will be getting better Return on Investment, because it’s easier to convert a half-convinced customer, as compared to turning a random individual into a customer. And at the end of the day, it’s the sale that really matters.

One of the best and the most cost effective ways of remarketing for our golf balls business has always been, targeting the customers who have abandon the shopping cart without completing the order.
This can be due to many reasons, but one thing is sure, a big majority of these people were actually interested in buying a certain product or service.
What we can do is to offer special discount, or use dynamic ads feature to show similar products or services, to entice them into completing the order.
Remember that you can do the same via emails, but using a retargeting platform will take it one step further than simply sending an email.

Email Marketing:
Say you’ve got a list of subscribers and you are ready to send a newsletter or email to your subscribers.
To make the most of your email marketing campaign, what you can do is to add an image pixel to your HTML email template. Now, anyone who opens your email will be added to your remarketing list, and your customized ads will start showing up on their screens, so it’s kind of double impact.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot you can do with remarketing as a marketing tactic, from brand building to improved conversions, and precise targeting to reduced cost per impression.

Natasha Mesty blogs on golf and sports marketing topics. Apart from business marketing, she writes on topics related to golf, including tips, techniques, and drills to help improve your game.

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