Can Your Headlines Do This?

I really need your help concerning a new technique about making headlines stand out.

Take a look at the headline below…

…can YOUR headlines do this?

These headlines are generated using a nice script that I just bought.
I’m testing them, right now.

You see, I’m convinced that these headlines do stand out, which really is the purpose of this. And, using some magnetic headlines, they will absolutely do their job.

What I’m a bit afraid of, is how fast they will annoy the reader? And that’s why I want to know your thoughts about this. Do you think these headlines will stand out without becoming annoying?

I should add, that the headlines above are just an example of what this script can do. Personally I would prefer to leave the shaking out, although that too can have some striking effects.
Here’s another one:

(If you missed this one, refresh your browser window. Remember, it’s just an example.)

I should also emphasize that the beauty of this tool is not so much the animations themselves, but how you use them. Combine images and text and more to create something new and different that’ll set YOUR site out from the pack!

but more how you apply them. Since the script uses javascript, animations are possible:

  • immediately,
  • when a visitor aborts the page loading,
  • when a visitor leaves the element,
  • when a visitor changes the value of the element,
  • when a visitor clicks on the element,
  • when a visitor double-clicks on the element,
  • when a visitor makes the element active,
  • when a keyboard key is on its way down,
  • when a keyboard key is pressed,
  • when a keyboard key is released,
  • when the page is finished loading,
  • when a visitor presses a mouse-button,
  • when the cursor moves on the element,
  • when the cursor moves over the element,
  • when the cursor moves off the element,
  • when a visitor releases the mouse-button,
  • when a visitor resets a form,
  • when a visitor selects content on a page,
  • when a visitor submits a form,
  • when a visitor closes a page or moves to another website.

Think about the options that become possible to have your text stand out this way. Awesome!

If you’re interested in this script, post a comment below and I’ll get back to you whenever it’s ready.
And let me know what you think about this.
Leave your response below.

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2 thoughts on “Can Your Headlines Do This?

  1. Steph White says:

    Very Cool.

    Could be Very effective on squeeze pages, and I’ll be interested to hear the findings of your split testing.


  2. Case Stevens says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Going to split test this soon and I’ll keep you up to date about this script.

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