John Reese: The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing

I just finished reading John Reese’s new report “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing”.
Many people in the Internet marketing field are raving about it.
Others are skeptic and say it’s outdated info. Probably caused by John emphasizing the use high value content to serve your customers. But there’s more behind that in the report, as you will discover.

Personally, for the first part of the report, I’m in the middle.

That’s because I have always refrained from using monetizing vehicles like Adsense as a single goal to make money.
My objective has always been to create an Online Business, where Adsense is just another stream of income. By the way, I already heard John preach this many, many years ago and I thought he was perfectly right.

Another exampe is using automated website creation software (that scrapes other people’s content). Long time ago I tested such software and it worked remarkably well, but all you got in the end was a copy of something that was already present on the Net.
So, after testing, I decided not to use such software, also because there’s an ethic issue involved, since you’re only using what other people have created.

Therefore, using high value content to serve my prospects and customers is nothing new to me. So, that part of the report is nothing more than a reassuring and refreshing reminder.

But …

John discusses more important topics about the future of Internet marketing! And when John speaks, I listen and here’s why.

Long time ago I found out that John Reese is a fanatic tester. And that he knows exactly what he’s doing. That makes him one of the best.

I met John last year in Orlando at the JV Alert.John Reese and Case Stevens
I spoke to him briefly, there wasn’t much time, and he indeed is a sharp, clever guy.
He doesn’t always give that impression though. After a short break he was invited to join the experts panel and as many items were discussed by others, John seems to stare quite apathetic at a point way beyond the walls. Yet, when all of a sudden the mic was handed to him, he gave a laser sharp, in-depth lecture about the topic discussed.
Never, ever, underestimate John Reese.

The report is very well written and easy to read. I won’t go into further details, because you can take out from it whatever you want, depending on your personal interest.
If nothing else, then take this to heart: shift your focus from “what can I sell” to “what do they want?” Ask yourself if you are really making someone’s life better.
John predicts, that if you grasp this paradigm shift, it will have huge impact on you!

I highly recommend you read this report and store it on your desktop.
I found it highly valuable!

Get your copy now: The Rebirth of Internet Marketing


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