Qualify Your Subscribers

Last week I got a unique message from one of my new subscribers.

“I just got an e-mail from you and it stated that I signed up with you as an experienced marketer.
Well, I’m not. I’m still looking for something that I am comfortable with and how to do it.”

What happened was that he selected the wrong marketing experience option when signing up. It was the first time in all these years this happened and I changed it immediately.

You see, when subscribers sign up for my newsletter Affordable Online Strategies, they are qualified BEFORE the hit the submit button. Because the first thing I ask them is their Internet marketing experience level.

Qualify Your Subscribers
Depending on their choice, the rest of the page below the fold shows different content and they are sent to an appropriate email follow up series (autoresponder).

That means, that newbies receive different messages than intermediate and seasoned marketers. I start explaining common Internet strategies, techniques and terms first. My subscribers just love that!

Thus, while the content of my newsletter is about Internet marketing in general, my autoresponder series are more targeted and tries to educate subscribers depending on their marketing experience level.

It’s how I avoid frequently asked basic questions like what’s a host, what’s ftp, what’s html and so on.

Of course I do occasionally poll my readers, but each poll is targeted towards their experience.

Since I use Aweber, I can also create sub-groups, based on the date they signed up or the last follow up message they received. That allows me to shift the ’1 year newbies’ to the intermediate group and ’1 year old intermediates’ to the seasoned subscribers.

So, whenever I poll or send broadcasts, I have all the options I need to target my subscribers as much as possible.

I think, despite the decreasing opening rates of email messages in general, that’s one of the reasons why my emails are quite successful. I use the same strategy in other niches, with comparable results.

Of course there’s no need to apply such strategies whenever you’re offering a specific product, because that by itself can qualify your subscribers.

I mean, if you for instance offer something like “Software To Easily Rewrite Articles and PLR Content“, you more or less know what kind of people will take a look at it.

On other occasions, such as “How To Create InfoProducts Fast“, you have to qualify your targeted audience in the sales page.

But it’s a whole other matter if you create a squeeze page for a general newsletter. If you don’t qualify your potential subscriber BEFORE they sign up, you have a lot of work to do.

Think about it.

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