How publishers can increase their response rates

Yesterday evening I bought Paul Myers’ new product called ‘Email Deliverability Conference’, a recorded live teleconference with Tom Kulzer to discuss this issue.

After downloading the audio files I immediately clicked the first part.
Ready to pause the recordings and take notes, because Paul KNOWS what he’s talking about.
And Tom Kulzer, founder of Aweber is a master in delivering email.

Usually I listen to such recordings while doing something else on my PC. That didn’t work this time. It was way to important to follow Paul closely as he unveils why my emails are not delivered, even while I’m not blacklisted.
It was worth every cent. I even have to listen again, because I’m sure I’ve missed some points.

What I didn’t realize was that the recording lasts three hours. It was 05.00 in the morning when I closed the last part. So be warned and don’t blame me if you miss lunch.

So, if you’re a publisher and want some outstanding advice about how to increase your response rates, this really is a MUST.
Certainly if you do the publishing yourself with the help of scripts. The only disadvantage I could discover were some technical issues that I have to ask my techie (codes for hard bounces etc.).
Go here:

I’m only giving you some serious advice here. The Aweber link is my affiliate link, but I don’t make a cent of the recordings. I don’t even know if there’s an affiliate program for it and actually I don’t care. It’s just a must hear.

If you don’t publish, forget this and carry on.

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