Psychology Marketing or Predictably Irrational Consumer Behavior

Psychology marketing and consumer behavior are derivatives of the natural human behavior.

Most humans make decisions irrationally, yet quite predictable. I’ve learned that from a book I read during my holidays.

It’s called Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisionspsychology marketing
It’s written by behavioral economics MIT professor Dan Ariely.

From the perspective of psychology marketing, that’s a very interesting book. Because it describes how seemingly irrational human decisions can be predicted. Therefore it is well worth to study. It’s over 300 pages, but easy to read and full of humor.

Here’s an example of applying predictable human behavior using psychology marketing.

People love to possess things that other people can’t get or have access to them. It’s just human nature. While their most important desire is to belong to a group, having something just for themselves makes them feel very special within that same group.

psychology marketing
Photo Credit: Misserion

This human behavior can be applied in marketing and it really works. I use it when someone subscribes to my newsletter. They then are granted access to my password protected traffic pages. Readers that don’t sign up never get to see these pages.

You can use an autoresponder message to grant access to secret or hidden pages on your website. You just create a password protected directory on your website where you send your visitors, all using the same login and password. You then put highly valuable content in that directory.

You can call this your private stash or your secret vault or whatever, doesn’t matter. As long as it describes the content containing something that your visitors terribly want to get their hands on. In my case I went for Traffic Generation, but any ‘make money online’ topic like ‘the one secret I discovered by chance that helpes me make thousands each month’ would probably entice many people.

Once everything is set up, include the URL of the pages and the login name and password in one of your autoresponder messages. Create a squeeze page and have your visitors sign up for your autoresponder series.

You can do the same creating a product. Write a sales page and mail it to your subscribers, or find JV-partners who can distribute it to theirs. Make sure you somehow ‘limit’ the offer. You don’t want everybody assume that you will share this secret information with the rest of the world. Instead, give them the impression that they will be the only ones with this special access!

You definitely want to keep access to the secret pages free. The only goal is to get people to those pages and from there you can try to persuade them to purchase your products or services.
Remember that you’ve got them there by advertising secret tools or secret information. So you better make sure that is exactly what they get once they arrive there. Otherwise this ploy won’t work.

Besides applying psychology marketing, this is also a great example of making money by giving away something for free, another predictable part of human behavior. Just by applying that, you’ve already gained by gathering the names and addresses of the people who were interested in your secret information! You can build on that in your autoresponder series.

Again, this is a psychology marketing that really works, because it’s based on human behavior. While it’s irrationally many times, it also can be predicted.
Read that book about the hidden forces that shape our decisions, because it’s filled with other examples that you can use in your psychology marketing.
Click that graphic to get it at Amazon.

So, do you use psychology marketing?
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4 thoughts on “Psychology Marketing or Predictably Irrational Consumer Behavior

  1. Morris says:

    I like the picture and the words written on the card board, the guy is really a clever one he knows how to gain quarters in an easy way. Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice post.

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  2. Deb says:

    I think that picture of the child with the sign pretty much sums it up! Very clever indeed.

  3. Adam Clarkson says:

    That picture is awesome!
    Very inventive guy 🙂

    Maybe if he had written “I bet you can’t hit me with your gold watch” he would be rich by now hehe.

    Seriously though, you do make a valid point.
    Creating a sense of urgency and inclusion is a great way to attract attention, as long as it isn’t done with huge flashing text and such like.

  4. steel says:

    It’s been verified over and over that persons pattern their attitudes not from details, but rather cherry-pick data from diverse causes, detail or fiction, to support their attitudes which have manifested either interior them or from their family and associates or wherever.

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