How to promote your blog effectively

A question I receive frequently is “how do you promote your blog”?

My answers always start with publishing quality information, but apart from that, there’s no easy answer.

Promoting your blog is a combination of things and it always starts with providing high quality content.

In today’s guest post, Ty Baisden, a regular writer for MSI’s Marketing & SEO blog, has a few useful suggestions on how to promote your blog.
He makes some very important remarks, that I italicized to emphasize them.

Here goes. Enjoy!

promote your blog
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The Internet offers a unique opportunity to share our thoughts, ideas and opinions with the world on a blog.

But what good is a blog if there is no one to read it?
After all, the whole point of a blog is to share your ideas with the world. Obviously, a blog writer wants readers, and to get readers you have to promote your blog.

Blog promotion is often difficult to understand. However, it really doesn’t have to be as there are many different ways to get your blog exposed online and within blog communities.

Blog commenting has been given a bad rap lately, mostly because too many people are spamming blogs in an attempt to gain rankings in the search engines. However, it is still a great way to get to know other bloggers in the same niche while sharing your own blog at the same time.

When commenting on blogs, think about what you would want people to do on your blog; most likely you strive for a good discussion focused on the topic of your post.
Don’t comment on a blog unless you have something meaningful to contribute to the discussion.

Forum participation, which also has been given a bad rap lately, is another great way to promote your blog.
Like blog commenting, it shouldn’t be used for the sole purpose of promoting your blog.
Make sure to actively participate in discussions, offering new ideas, answering questions and asking questions. Never join a forum without the intention of participating in that forum.

Another effective method to promote your blog is by creating a Twitter account and actively tweeting on a regular basis. Of course, tweeting also requires followers; luckily, these are relatively easy to acquire. Many people will follow your tweets if you follow theirs.

Participating in blog discussions, forums and being an active “tweeter” each offer the added benefit of keeping you up to date on topics within your niche, which in turn will give you plenty of content ideas for your blog. These methods also establish your blog as an expert resource within your niche.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your niche is a great way to promote your blog.
To that end, writing articles for other blogs within your niche will present your expert knowledge on the subject as well as promotion of your blog. Blog commenting and forum participation can help you forge relationships with other bloggers and open doors to guest blog opportunities, but you can also email blog owners to request permission to submit a guest post to their blog.

One final way to promote your blog is to post articles to blog carnivals. A blog carnival is a type of e-zine; bloggers write articles, post them on their blog and submit the link to the article to the carnival. These carnivals are usually hosted on different blogs each time, giving blog owners different exposure each time.

Knowing blog promotion is very important. If you enjoy the niche your blog is in, it will not seem like work to get the word out. There are many other methods of promoting your blog, but these five ideas will get you started on the path to success.

Ty Baisden is the Director of Sales and Marketing for MSI Marketing, a Sacramento SEO and marketing company. He has more than 14 years of website design, Internet marketing and SEO experience. Ty also provides consultation for customers interested in traditional marketing, direct mail & commercial printing.

So, how do you promote your blog?
Post your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “How to promote your blog effectively

  1. Mariana says:

    You suggest here an excellent collection of ideas that can help you make your blog more popular. Forum posting and inviting people to write in your blog are really great.

  2. Hi,
    talking about blogs, here in Italy many company people still don’t think they can be a valuable investment and those who do still think blogs work like magic (you publish a blog and WHAM! you’re rich!).

    I wrote something about it on my own blog (in Italian, so don’t bother if you don’t know the language – not looking for easy visits here :-)).

    Still, sometimes I feel pretty depressed about it. Please keep on writing posts like this. They give me me some extra inspiration.

    Take care
    (and sorry about my English)

  3. Jack Thomas says:

    We have recently, last year or so started making use of Internet marketing for our insurance agency in Cincinnati. It’s very time intensive and can be very expensive, especially if you hire a local SEO consultant. We did that initially and found out later that we could do exactly the same work he was doing and actually obtain better results.

    It’s challenging but it’s starting to pay off now. The leads we generate from Internet marketing are much higher quality and are close rate is significantly better… just my two cents.

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