4 Private blog network sites to improve your SE rankings

Private blog network sites are among the finest techniques to generate links to your site nowadays.

In order to gain an edge over other marketers in the perpetual pursuit to create one-way backlinks, many website owners have used software programs like XRumer, Scrapebox, and SENuke X over the last a couple of years.

Many use them to offer you cheap backlinks, but I don’t think these link building strategies are as effective as they used to be. Google fights them anyway, because it’s too artificial and so may other search engines.

Because private blog network sites are more SEO friendly (they use parameters to include links in content related text) to the search engines, they are more powerful today.

Maybe that’s why private blog network sites over the last few years have raised in popularity. It’s very likely that there are hundreds of these networks right now. And it’s also very likely that you have never heard of most of them. Yet there are a few networks that are more commonly known.

The significance of these private blog networks is, that you may have 100 to 1000 or more blogs that are only known to the owners and maybe the users of the network.

On top of that, if everything is installed well, in order to make it look as if the blogs are coming from different IP addresses, each blog is setup on separate C class IP addresses. Your host can tell you how to setup your blog like that.

You can have a huge advantage using these networks, since most marketers aren’t going to take the time to setup their own,

private blog network sites
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Here are the blog networks I know of (some of which I don’t use personally!) and recommend.

  1. Authority Link Network

    A huge one with over 5,000 blogs. Depending on the parameters you submit, it starts sending out your spun article to hundreds of blogs.
    Depending on the PR of the blog you submit you will receive publishing credits. PR0 blogs are not accepted.

    Each article that you submit will be drip-feeded into the system. You’ll get up to 45 backlinks (3 backlinks per article x 15 article posted) for each article that is submitted into the system.
    If necessary you can easily buy a PR blog on sites like the Warrior forum, Flippa and Digital Point forums.

  2. Submit your Article

    They will publish your article to public directories, so this is not exactly la private blog network, but it uses the same strategies.

    Write an article and spin some paragraphs to submit it through the network. You can sign up for $1 to try the system, otherwise it runs for $67 per month.

  3. Build My Rank

    Subscribers sign up for an account where they can link up to five different domains for $59 per month on this highly popular blog network.

    Each post must be over 150 words (I personally recommend at least 300, preferably 450-500). Per domain you can post up to 10 times per day. Once you’ve submitted your post, it is broadcasted to a random blog on their network, containing pages with a PR 1 to PR 6! This will definitely be beneficial to your rankings in search engines!

    The only disadvantage of this network is that writing the posts is time consuming and you cannot send spun content.

  4. Unique Article Wizard

    Another familiar blog network established several years ago. The spun article that you submit goes out to thousands of article directories and blogs. This network features unlimited article submissions and runs for $67 per month.

There you have it. Four top private blog network sites.
What do you think? Do you use a service like this?
Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “4 Private blog network sites to improve your SE rankings

  1. Daniel Stoller says:

    Personally, I’ve never used a private blog network for getting things rolling, but it sounds like a great idea. I mean, if you’re getting anywhere near 45 links per article then this process is a lot more time-friendly (versus writing an article and asking around the block to be a guest poster). Even for the ones where it costs, these ones are all under $70, and if they get good results, then it’s a win-win. Though I guess we have to hope Google doesn’t start getting after us for using private blog networks. I would hope not!

  2. Lokroop says:

    Quite interesting article. I wonder, how many posts that are published by UAW blog networking system are getting indexed in Google. I understand many are spamming UAW blog syndication by posting spam content. Nowadays, the concept of number of back links and authority of back link is totally changed. Thanks for the nice post.

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