McAfee SiteAdvisor Prevented Phishing Attack

I’m always wary of phishing attacks.

I received one yesterday in my email box, purporting to be a ‘PayPal Notification that my account was blocked’.

I use Mailwasher to check and manage my e-mails before I download them. Thus I can deleted the spam.

Using Mailwasher makes it easy to detect phishing emails. Most of the time the program automatically warns you for that.
But it also does not display graphics. Instead it says ‘graphic linked to URL’.

So, it’s easy to detect these criminal emails. But sometimes I just want to know how the URL looks like. It’s interesting to see how ingenious people can copy sites like PayPal. I’ve seen many great copycats already.

So, I copied the URL from Mailwasher and entered it in my browser.
I use Firefox with lots of ‘add-ons’ or plugins. One of them is SiteAdvisor from McAfee. It shows which sites can be trusted, according to McAfee, in the search engine result pages.

To my surprise, after entering the phishing URL, I was redirected to siteadvisor.
Here’s what I got:
phishing prevention

Never saw that one before! Kudos to McAfee.
Seems the latest trend is MySpace Phishing

Be alert. Take precautions.
It’s is dangerous and in an unattended moment, you too may be the victim of phishing.

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