How Your Press Release Creates The Right Impact

A well written press release is considered to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to establishing an impressive web presence.

It’s not just a news.

Apart from letting the world know about what’s going on in your company, a press release helps your business website in terms of maintaining the search engine rankings, getting quality traffic to the website and ensuring a good web presence as well.
Every detail present in the press release plays an important role.

When it comes to writing a press release, all the basics apply:

– There should be a news / point
– Content must be meaningful
– Perfect length
– Perfect use of keywords
– Write from the journalist’s perspective
– Keep it simple and precise

Along with these factors, it is also important to use a perfect press release format for creating the right impact. No doubt your news is powerful, however if it is presented to people creatively, it becomes more readable.
A handout that looks good creates a great impact on your web presence.

Here are some simple and efficient formatting essentials that will transform the way your press release comes across to people:

Location And Date Line
After the headline and the summary, start the opening paragraph of the press message by mentioning the city and state where the business is operated. Also mention the date in the press release with the month, day and year format.

Selection And Placement Of Keywords
You can target 2-3 keywords and strategically place them in the press release content. These keywords must be placed in the headline or in the sub headline and once in every 100 words for creating the right impact. Along with a keyword, it is also essential to use your company name in the headline.

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Anchor Text Optimization
Anchor text optimization is placing hyperlinks on the keywords appropriately for linking to the home page or the product pages.
This is an important step for optimizing the press release for the search engines. Highlight an appropriate keyword in the first paragraph of the content and link it to the home page of your business website.

If you have also utilized other product pages, you can link them as well. However make sure that you are not placing too many links in the press release.
Moreover it is also important to insert the keywords in a way so that the flow of the content looks natural. Do not insert promotional keywords that do not synchronize with the press release content.

Text Formatting
Make the use of bold, italics and underline wherever appropriate. This is applicable when you would like to highlight some important point.
Make sure that you are using the text formatting at least 2 times in the entire press release instead of submitting plain text.

It is also recommended to add a quote cited by some of the business official related to the news you are submitting, use double quotes and add it to the press handout. Text formatting can also be added to the keywords as the search engines give more value to the keywords that are formatted differently.

For instance, if you have mentioned something like this for gaining the reader attention – This is your opportunity for getting the best Website Hosting For Business that provides with complete value for money. You can probably write it as – This is your opportunity for getting the best website hosting for business that provides with complete value for money. Or This is your opportunity for getting the best website hosting for business that provides with complete value for money.

Company Information
This is one of the most crucial aspects of a press release. This section must contain of a standard paragraph that provides with a factual overview of your business and its offerings.

If you want, you can use the same company information for the other press releases as well.
Make sure that the company information paragraph is not too big, make it precise yet informative.
After providing with the company information, add the contact details. This comprises of the address, phone numbers and contact email address of your company.
After adding the contact information, also add the links to your social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ whichever are applicable so that people can also connect with you on the social networks.

For creating the perfect impact, it is important to accompany the press release content with visuals. Visuals in the form of images, infographics and videos become important gateways to your content. It is a proven fact that press releases that contain multimedia get better results than the ones that don’t.
Moreover visuals also play an important role in keeping people interested in the press handout till the end. Needless to say visuals also get extra attention from the search engines.

When it comes to formatting, keep it simple and decent. You are good to go if you have taken care of all the points mentioned above. Go live and create the right impact and get noticed through your press release!

Carol Wales specializes in writing on technology and search engine optimization. Through her articles she would like to simplify things for the readers and provide them with valuable information.

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