Can Pinterest Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site?

Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. It seems people really like to share, curate, and discover new ‘pins’ of images or videos to their own or other’s pinboards. That makes Pinterest quickly becoming the trailblazing social network for millions of people across the world.

According to, there are approximately 20 million unique visitors to Pinterest as of April 2012.

That makes Pinterest beat other networks like LinkedIn and Google+. And it allows you to use Pinterest to drive targeted traffic to your site, IF you know what you’re doing.

Since Pinterest is a social media site sharing pictures, you have to follow their rules and that takes time. People aren’t on Pinterest to read sales messages.

Also, the majority of Pinterest members are female. And that’s reflected in the most popular boards at Pinterest.

Pinterest means ‘pinning’ images to a board. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. It’s all about the emotion that someone’s page delivers immediately on face value so it’s no surprise that the ones that do the best are things like hair styles, fashion, cute animals, home decor and tasty food.


If you’re in any one of these niches, you’d better have an active Pinterest board simply because of the traffic potential and it’s current rate of growth. So yes, Pinterest can drive targeted traffic to your site!

If you’re not in a niche that has great images associated with it, you need to get a little creative with it if you’re determined to use it. One good tip is to use really high quality stock photos that are breathtaking for your blog posts and then pin those same images. Infographics do well too.

Don’t take Pinterest lightly. It can not only be a great traffic generator because nowadays Google is relying on social signals a lot more, so having hundreds of Pinterest links from a single pin that went viral can only help your rankings.


…people on Pinterest buy. It’s been shown that Pinterest user’s clicks are more valuable than both Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest now represents a staggering 17.4% of total revenue for ecommerce sites and the figure is rapidly growing.

So, can you make money using Pinterest then?


Suppose you’re in the health niche. You could collect as many striking images of muscles, sweat, skin, gym equipment (a few hard-bodied babes wouldn’t hurt here) and whatever else you could think of.
Then, once people start re-pinning your images, the traffic will start pouring in. You could of course also pin pictures of people doing exercises and create a visual exercise guide too.

Why not make 3 or 4 boards and see which results in the most traffic? Get creative and you should see great results quite quickly.

It only takes time and that’s an asset we can’t buy anywhere.
So here’s a great time management strategy.

Whenever you need to give your mind a break from optimizing WordPress, writing sales pages or installing scripts, go to your Pinterest board and get creative for 30 minutes.

Not only will you be getting a refreshing break but you will be promoting your stuff at the same time. The key here is to mainly pin other people’s stuff, with your own content making up about 40% of the total, otherwise you might be penalized as spam.

So yes, you can drive targeted traffic to your site and sell these visitors whatever you’re offering there. It only takes time! That’s the trade-off.

That’s my view about Pinterest.
What’s yours?
Post your comments and experiences with Pinterest below.

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3 thoughts on “Can Pinterest Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site?

  1. I had heard that it was 20% yours but I do prefer your suggestion of 40%. One question Case, if you create a board, does each board have to be 40% or can a couple of boards be unrelated to your website and one ful board to your website. In order words, how do they balance out that 40%?

  2. Andrew says:

    Pinterest focus on making relationships. So a member will interest in relevant board to his hobby. We can do an marketing movement with effect. You can make people think you are an beautiful woman and sell something concern with beauty like cosmetic, exercise, fitness, fashion…

  3. Tom Williamson says:

    I do think that you can produce targeted traffic. You see it more and more as pinterest grows. Companies create a few related boards and fill them with relevant pins all harbouring a link to the desired site.

    Although the whole system feels like image spam to me.

    There are literally thousands of pins of the exact same image. Especially infographics and alike.

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