4 Ways to use Pinterest for your Video Marketing

Pinterest is the latest hype on the Net.
You can pin your pictures there on your boards and re-pin others. You can follow other Pinterest users and build a network that way. And you can use that to drive traffic to your websites.
Nice! Very popular, especially amongst women.

But can you also use Pinterest for videos?

Fortunately Francis Santos, our regular guest writer and promotor of email marketing software has a few interesting tips on how to achieve that.
So, if you’re into video marketing and want to use Pinterest to promote your videos, read on and enjoy.
Here goes.

In what ways can you use Pinterest to promote your video marketing?

Most marketing experts choose to focus on how Pinterest can be used to engage audiences and drive traffic through the use of images.

However, those same benefits can be enjoyed when building a strategy around video. Let’s take a look at some of the ways brands can leverage Pinterest to fuel their video marketing efforts.

  1. Optimize Your Thumbnails

    For a video marketer, the thumbnail often serves as the preview that determines whether or not people will actually view your content.

    The good thing about Pinterest is that integration with Vimeo gives you the ability to customize your thumbnails to your liking. You have the power, so make sure the thumbnails you put out there not only look good, but precisely represent your content and brand.
    If you have already embarked on a Pinterest-based video marketing strategy and have yet to produce solid results, turning things around could be as simple as better optimizing your thumbnails.

  2. Give Your Content a Clear Description
    When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, the same rules that apply to using images apply to using video as well.

    A prime example of this is the importance of being descriptive when pinning your video content on the site. This is your opportunity to let potential viewers (and search engines) know what your content is all about.
    Don’t blow it. Make the most of it by using catching titles and relevant keywords people will likely use to find similar items. You should take the very same approach to the boards these video pins will reside on.

  3. Promote Good Content
    You can be as descriptive as you want, but if your content isn’t interesting and engaging, then it will not go very far on Pinterest.

    So what qualifies as good quality content? It depends on a variety of factors, and the underlying platform is one of the most important. Pinterest attracts a large number of users who are solely interested in pinning their own stuff, and browsing through the selections pinned by others as quickly as possible.
    Of course there are exceptions, but shorter videos that get right to the point tend to do very well.

  4. Pinterest video marketing
  5. Share the Wealth
    As it is with other social sites, having success with your video marketing efforts on Pinterest calls for you to do more than just toot your own horn.

    You must also network and try to help others. Is there a particular video that caught your eye? Repin it so others may see and possibly benefit from it. This is a great way to establish a following and really increase awareness for your brand.

YouTube deservedly gets a lot of attention from the marketing community, but it is just one of several video platforms out there. With all the traffic and hype it has been generating, Pinterest is as good as any of them. Got video content to share? Put these tips to use and make the popular pinboard site work for you!

Francis Santos is writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices email marketing software company.

How do you use Pinterest?
Post your comments below, but before you do, follow me on Pinterest. 🙂

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