Pinterest Marketing – Will it be the best social media marketing?

It is for sure that images are the favorite media of the social media crowd.

The rise of popularity of Pinterest, the image sharing social network is living proof for this trend.

Pinterest started gaining steady popularity during the start of 2012.
The trend achieved a catalyst growth between May 2011 and May 2012. Comscore recorded a 4300% amazing growth within this period.

Comscore also confirms that Pinterest plays a crucial role in driving conversional referral traffic. According to the data about 21% of the Pinterest users who saw a brand or product within Pinterest made purchases at the target website. See the Google trend chart show a sharp rise in trends for Pinterest. Notice the trend still continuing to rise after a pause.

Pinterest marketing

What does all this mean?
Remember the day when Facebook started gaining importance in social media marketing?
Similarly Pinterest has something more to offer in terms of social media marketing. Statistics indicate that photos are “liked” and “shared” 2 times more in Facebook than the regular text wall updates. I am myself a fan of the cool images with famous sayings and quotes shared in Facebook.
Adding to this proof for the popularity of images, tumblr, which is another popular social network, now receives 42% posts as pictures.
All these statistics shout our just one thing. Images and pictures would be the best media for social media marketing in 2013. Hence, the trending social network dedicated for image sharing (Pinterest) would become the king of social media marketing in 2013.

What does Pinterest Marketing have in store?

Marking your presence in Pinterest can get you:

  • Ultimate brand recognition.
  • The best social signals what are very much valuable for boosting the search engine rankings of your website.
  • A flow of referral traffic to your website which has an excellent conversion ratio.

Now you may wonder how an image sharing network is gonna get you all these SEO and social media marketing benefits. This is where the Infographics come into play.

Create resource worthy infographics and include your website url and logo at the bottom to attribute it to your business. Once this is done, publish the infographic on your blog or a special page on your website. Now, use the “add pin” option in Pinterest and publish the Infographic on the public business profile. You would notice that the backlink to your website is embedded behind the image.

Now here is how your website gets the benefits:

  • The infographic that carries your brand logo and website url would be shared virally within Pinterest and many other social networks. The number of shares would add up to your brand presence, thereby gaining ultimate branding.
  • As already said, the infographic would have a backlink to your website embedded within it. Now, when the infographic gets shared by others, the backlink to your website gets shared as well.
    This process is 100% natural and organic and hence your website gains a good number of organic backlinks that Google loves. In turn, your website performs well in the search results.
  • Pinterest visitor information reveals that about 1000 people visit Pinterest every minute. We don’t need another reason to measure the potential of referral traffic that Pinterest could drive to your website through the backlinks.

Facebook has ruled the social media marketing world for almost 3 years. Now the trends are changing rapidly and Pinterest is a living proof for that. So when you are getting SEO packages or social media services in 2013 make sure to include Pinterest Marketing as a main part of the promotion.

Geno Thampi, the author of this post is an expert in framing winning SEO packages. He plays the role of Strategic Director at SubmitINme a professional SEO company.

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One thought on “Pinterest Marketing – Will it be the best social media marketing?

  1. I definitely agree that Pinterest is becoming a social media force to be reckoned with, but it still trends heavily toward women. Before choosing any channel, it’s important to analyze whether the target audience is actually using the channel. Setting up a Pinterest board for denture cream or tools might not be the best idea for brands since those products target older generations and men.

    It will be interesting to see how Pinterest evolves as it focuses on helping brands spread their messages.



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