How Do I Get People To Read And Comment On My Blog?

Let’s talk today about how to get more people to read and comment on your blog, shall we?

I won’t do the talking though. Instead, I’ll use this outstanding guest post by Andrew Rondeau.

I met Andrew on the Internet, found his bio impressive and we talked on some occasions and became marketing buddies.

Apart from being a great (online and offline) marketer, Andrew Rondeau also is the author of the free guide “Build Your Own Profitable Blog in 45 Minutes”.
You can grab your complimentary copy at today and start making a blog income.

That shows that Andrew knows exactly what he’s talking about, so I’ll hand it over to him. Here goes.

How Do I Get People To Read And Comment On My Blog?

You blog at least 3 times a week. Your posts are informative and full of advice.

But you get no comments. Well some comments but no comments that are worth mentioning. No comments that start the engagement, the conversation.

You get comments like “nice post! Thanks” and that’s it.

But what you want is more readers to read your posts and feel keen enough to comment on them.

Get More Blog Readers
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Attracting comments comes a long time after getting readers.

I’ve never completed any research but let’s take the mighty Owner, Darren Rowse has over 132,000 RSS subscribers and on average he receives anything between 50 and 200 comments per post. That’s between 0.04 and 0.15% of his RSS subscribers are commenting. Add in the number of visitors he gets who are not RSS subscribed and the percentages are even worse.

Let’s take another popular blogger, Yaro Starak. Yaro has almost 83,000 RSS subscribers. He averages anything between 30 and 150 comments. His percentages range from 0.04 and 0.18. Again very small.

So to get one comment you need quite a lot of visitors/readers.

So how do you get more comments?

Giving a catchy title
Most of the time, we give more attention to the blog content but not to its title.
If prospective ‘commenters’ see a boring title, they assume that the content inside will also be boring and therefore, they certainly won’t comment. Put some effort in and give your blog post a catchy title.

Knowing your readers
Before posting on your blog, you should understand what your readers’ problems are, what they expect from your blog and what questions they might ask.
After deciding all this, start giving possible answers on your blog so that more and more visitors read the whole blog post. By reading the whole blog post they may be more inclined to comment.

Write about your experiences
A lot of my comments come from blog posts where I share my own experiences and failings. Don’t be concerned about sharing your mistakes. We all make them and writing about them makes you more personable and human.

Inviting comments
You may feel that readers will comment only if they feel strongly enough to do so. But this is not absolutely true. It is a fact that if you ask your readers to comment on your blog, they will be more inclined to do so.
The best approach for me is to finish the blog post off with a question. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Responding to the existing comments
If someone has commented on your blog, then do not forget to respond to it. In this way, your readers will understand that you always pay attention and you are willing to engage in a conversation with the readers.
If you wish to grow your comments and readership section, then the first thing you should do is to get involved with your readers and pay attention to whatever they have to say.

What are your tips and ideas about getting more comments? Share them in the comments below.

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28 thoughts on “How Do I Get People To Read And Comment On My Blog?

  1. Gil @ Healthy Foods says:

    Like Yaro promotes, create Pillar articles, like the ones above under Valuable Articles/Tutorials.
    These articles educate your blog readers and they may want to come back for more.

    A very powerful way is to include some sort of online service in the form of a script that your readers can use to perform research to improve their own business.
    A search engine for DOfollow blogs is very popular these days.

    • Andrew @ says:

      @ Gil @ Healthy Foods Do you have an example of an online service in the form of a script that your readers can use to perform research to improve their own business. I like to see one. Thanks.


      • Gil Favor says:

        Yes. One example you see a lot these days is a dedicated search feature to discover DOfollow blogs.
        You can set this up at Google, searching for the DOfollow plugin in the background, but a lot of people don’t know how to do this. You can easily add such search to your site.
        Google “dofollow blogs search” to find out more.

        Another example is the Search It feature of SiteSell. If you’re an affiliate (it’s a great program), you can point your visitors to it to do some great keyword research.
        Not hosted on your site, but the link is.

  2. Your observation is so true and it’s not only relevant to blog comments but social activities on the net in general.

    If you can manage to get more than 1% response than you are certainly on to something. Usability expert “guru” Jakob Nielsen studied the behavior and showed it can be described with a power law (zipf distribution in case you care about mathematics). It goes like this: 90% read only, 9% contribute/write a bit, 1% are the power users of the web.

    The only way out is to build a relationship with your readers that goes beyond “dead” pillar articles. Let’s learn from Pagan, Kern, Jenkins, and Co.


    • Andrew @ says:


      Great point about the “build a relationship with your readers”. I’ve recently added a few holiday and home videos on my blog and they go a little way for people to see the person behind the blog.


  3. Dean Saliba says:

    Some good advice here. I’ve found that offering the reader something can get comments. My most commented post is one where I review and link to every blog review network.

    On my personal blog I get comments because I can be quite outspoken, so maybe this is another avenue?

    • Andrew @ says:


      You are right, being outspoken, controversial, opinionated can also get some great comments.

      Perhaps even ‘nasty’ personal ones! That’s when you have to grow another skin.


  4. Atlanta Lawyer says:

    Great advice-thanks for sharing these tips. Amazed that so few comments are made even with many subscribers. It would be interesting to read some extensive research on why few people comment on blogs.

  5. juliussartine says:

    Nice to see that method, i have my personal way but I don’t know that will success to you or not. I usual create a question like what you do now… And interact each comment from my blog… That nice way

  6. Andrew @ says:


    Glad the post was helpful. Come back and let us know what you change and the results you get, won’t you?


  7. Andrew @ says:


    You are right, an image can make a huge difference. Where’s yours? Would like to have seen a picture of you!


  8. Andrew @ says:


    One way forward is to study other blogs in your niche, who do get comments. What are they doing differently to you? Perhaps a guest post on their blogs will entice some of the commenters over to your sites.


  9. Case Stevens says:

    Also, you can do yourself a great favor by reading the free ebook Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak.

    Although it’s free (well, it will cost you your email address), it contains highly valuable information to boost your blogging efforts.

    Click here to download your free copy of Blog Profits Blueprint.

  10. Parka says:

    One way to get people to read your blog is to be a little provocative, or to try something a little more out-of-the-box. So many blogs are the same as the last one, what you want is a blog which immediately catches peoples’ attention by being a little out-of-the-ordinary, a little different from the sea of sameness out there. Remember, sameness is tameness.

    One way to get folks to post more comments is to take the title of your post and turn it into a question. For example instead of Why Gurus Can Cause Trouble, try Are Gurus Wrecking Your Home Business? Both are quite good because they’re provocative, but the second one may generate more comments.

    • Andrew @ says:


      Two excellent points there. I often use questions in my titles and you are right, that approach can create more comments.

      You have to try different ways and see what makes your visitors react and decide to comment. Once you have found the ‘magic way’, keep doing it!


  11. Mike King says:

    Well I definitely disagree with these generalizations and using pro-bloggers as examples is not a good one if you ask me. If you want to engage people to comment, YOU have to engage people, its that simple. Talk directly to people, respond personally in email, comment with GREAT comments on others blogs.

    I know bloggers who have one a couple hundred subscribers but can get 50 comments for every article. Spend LESS time writing content and more time interacting and you’ve engage your readers more than if you simply write and don’t interact. I find the probloggers to be about the content and mostly write without as much interaction. I find their sites, read some content, make some contents, never get interacted with, so I leave and don’t come back. I don’t want to do that to my readers so I prefer to respond more directly. Hope this perspective has people think about what they want. Content or interaction and comments. They DON’T go hand in hand if you ask me.

  12. Todd says:

    In my experience it is great content, titles and trafic. The number of comments a blog gets is proportionate to the amount of traffic it gets, for legitimate site or blogs. I get a few comments a week, and if I plug it into the percentages stated above, it is spot on…

  13. Dave@Short Best Man Speeches says:

    I find that the best way to attract more viewers to my blog is by using inquisitive titles such as;

    The secret of ….
    The top ten reasons…
    Want an easy solution to…
    A foolproof guide to…

    Bland titles will do little to attract viewers never mind get them to comment on your site. I like the suggestion of finishing by directly asking for readers for their thoughts, I will use this tactic myself going forward.

  14. Case Stevens says:

    You can use Google Custom search to set up your own search engine.
    Just start with the basics and upload your engine.
    Then, use refinements to search for DOfollow plugins and ad them to your search criteria.
    That will do the trick.

  15. best says:

    I was also very confused in the beginning for my blog traffic but after someone’s suggestion i start using RSS feeds, that is a perfect idea to increase traffic on the blog and if you have quality and helpful content then everyone will be forced to leave a comment.

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