Parent and Teen Internet Use

Parents view the internet less favorably than in 2004, yet are still engaged with their children’s media consumption. Teens are more likely than their parents to say tech devices are helpful.

Pew Internet & American Life Project reports:

“Teens and their parents often have similar technology profiles in the gadgets they use and the frequency with which they use them. But teens are notably more likely than their parents to say that the internet and related technology has made their own lives easier.

89% of online teens say the internet and other devices in their lives like cell phones, iPods, and digital cameras make their lives easier, while 71% of their parents say these technologies make their lives easier.

Furthermore, while a majority of parents with online teens still believe the internet is a beneficial factor in their children’s lives, there has been a decrease since 2004 in the number of parents who believe the internet is a good thing for their children. “

In most families there are rules about the Internet use. While 55% have rules about the time spent on the Net, 68% is more concerned about the kind of websites that can or cannot be visited.

A very interesting fact from an Internet marketing point of view is that parents and teens own a similar number of gadgets, but parents and children in the same household do not always own the same kinds of devices.
The report continues about which gadgets are owned most by both parents and teens.

You can download your copy of the report at Pew Internet.

Coincidently in his newsletter of today, Paul Myers talks about teens too. He states that “teenagers and young twenty-somethings decide the direction of social change”.

Gadgets like cell phones make the Internet more accessible and since teens are more socially driven, more image-conscious and more self-focused than most older groups, they will also control the majority of trends.

That makes both Paul’s newsletter as well as the Pew report an interesting read.
You should read them. So you know what’s coming!

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One thought on “Parent and Teen Internet Use

  1. Case,

    Great post!

    I noticed that on the average the internet audience is mostly teens. They comprise as much as 80% of the population of those who gets on the net on a daily basis.

    I should get into that report so I am aware of the trends.


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