Insanity To Overcome Slow Summer Sales

Every summer, I spend at least six weeks in Spain with my family.

Despite the heat, it’s a great way to pass the holidays, because life is easy.
No one is in a hurry. If you can’t get things done today, there’s always tomorrow. Mañana!

My only connection with the Internet is the occasional landline login at a free account. Slow as dried horse manure in a sandpaper decorated sewer.

Which is bad for business, but good for my health. Family, friends and fun come first. I only connect if I absolutely have to.

Nevertheless, I do care about my online bizz, so I occasionally visit the local Internet cafe, where I manage my support emails, delete all the comment spam from my blog and read the barest essentials, like newsletters from Willie Crawford and Paul Myers (if you haven’t done so yet, click these links to subscribe).

These two marketing veterans really know how to overcome slow summer sales. They send out one valuable newsletter issue after the other.

Which ‘unfortunately’ reminds me of my birthday…

Unfortunately, because at my age (well over fifty), there’s an increasing inner urge to forget about celebrating my birthday. As soon as the subject threatens to emerge, I start talking about more important issues of life than trivial, earthly ceremonies.

Reading Paul’s TalkBiz News puts me back on my feet again. He always ‘celebrates’ his birthday offering some specials to his subscribers containing tons of value!

And his birthday is one day before mine!

I always send Paul my congratulations, so that he doesn’t get the impression that he can beat me in this respect. You sometimes have to put things into the right perspective. Nevertheless he keeps celebrating.

This year, Paul decided to offer the JV Manager for $37 instead of the usual $97. Great value, but there are other programs that do lots of the same, like Rapid Action Profits, which I prefer. Nevertheless, a super offer.

But then he went completely bonkers.

Paul offered one of the greatest ebooks for beginning and intermediate copywriters available on the Net: Bob Serling’s “Power Copywriting for the Internet.”

For only $27 while the normal price is $147!

I had my copy already, but DANG!, this was outrageous. I mean, that’s how you overcome slow summersales, making offers your customers simply can’t refuse, but really, that price is way too low. Somehow this insanity has to stop.

And all this because he turned fifty. In his own words: “The Big 5-0.”

From my own experience I know turning 50 is a milestone. Many deny it, but you just have to accept entering the last phase of your life. The ‘senior’ era.
Nothing to really worry about, yet many happy volunteers around you will cheerfully remind you about the fact you’re getting old.

And since you are what you think your direct social environment thinks you are…
(Note: the credence attached to this true law also strongly diminishes with the ages!)

I truly suspect that, in his immeasurable wisdom, Paul already anticipated this problem, which is why he’s always wearing a black hat and dark, wide rimmed glasses.

You have to do better than that!

FIFTY huh? Congratulations Paul. FIFTY is a great age. Life really  starts at FIFTY! I know. At FIFTY you start using senior coupons. The baby booming industry is targeting FIFTY+ years old people!

Maybe that works.

Willie’s next. Easier to crack. He’s not wearing a black hat and dark goggles.

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5 thoughts on “Insanity To Overcome Slow Summer Sales

  1. Case Stevens says:

    From Paul’s latest newsletter issue:
    JV Manager: Killer affiliate system, joint venture manager and digital delivery package. I paid $200 or so for my copy. You can get it for $37.
    This is a serious script, believe me.


    Direct order:

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Just checked and Bob Serlings Power Copywriting for the Internet now sells for $47 which is still a great deal, saving $100!
    Here’s the sales page:
    and here’s where you should order your copy:

    Paul added: “When my birthday’s over, so is the sale.”
    So you’d better hurry.

  3. MichelleVan says:

    Clever writing Case. And I”ll be 50 in a few short months…:)

  4. MichelleVan says:

    Dec almost Christmas. … 50 here I come!

  5. Case Stevens says:

    What date Michelle?

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