5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Old and tired marketing campaigns breed old and tired responses.
Whether you want fresh, responsive traffic to your website or brick and mortar location, the key to successful marketing campaigns is to think outside of the box.

You obviously know that you should be blogging and that you need to be on social media—every one of your competitors has read the same articles and heard the same advice. So to stand out from the crowd, rethink the way you market your business with these five innovative marketing strategies.

marketing out of the box
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  1. Find a Complementary Business.

    Finding a company that naturally pairs up with your services, goods and goals can be a marketing dream come true.

    For starters, you can split the costs on advertising if need be, or piggy-back on each other’s marketing campaigns. A great example of this would be two companies—one that walks dogs and one that grooms them—to advertise together in a pet supply shop.
    You can also offer cross-promotion coupons, such as “get your dog groomed here and your first two dog walking sessions are 25% off.”

  2. Sponsor Local Teams and Events.

    While this used to be a viable marketing strategy before the days of internet marketing, taking a look back at what worked in the past has proven to be a big money-maker for many businesses.

    Sponsor local events such as golf tournaments or races or sponsor local kids (or adults’) sports teams. Your business will get goodwill recognition and will be seen as a pillar in the local community. Plus, having your names on shirts everywhere during races, events and games is amazing for your brand recognition.

  3. Create an Award Competition.

    Take a look at your niche and see if there’s a way that you can create a competition and hand out awards.
    Other businesses will enter and you will seem like the leader in your industry. For example, let’s say that you’re an internet marketing firm and you create an award for “most creative marketing campaign for ______.” Not only will you get to take a closer look at what your competition is doing, you will also gain respect within the community as people submit and vie for your blessing (award).

  4. Commission a Mural.

    Murals are a great way to beautify the community.
    Commissioning a mural simply means that you pay an artist to take a portion of property that you own (or work out something with the owner). You can direct the artist in any way that you want, but you should tie your business in with the community and the theme in some way, shape or form for maximum results.

    Either way, this is a unique alternative to buying a billboard or other forms of poster marketing. A mural stands out, especially if your target demographic is in the community, into community affairs or appreciates art and beautification.

  5. Gamification.

    Finally, there is gamification, which is simply a way to make things more fun for your customers and get them more involved in the purchasing process.

    Gamification works by awarding points for each purchase or action that you wish your customers to take. Points can be awarded on any level and for any action you desire, even a Facebook share of your page. Sometimes, the points really don’t mean anything, but the best way to go about this is to create a reward system where the points add up to get the client a free gift or discount.

    This accomplishes a few goals. First, it gets the buyer more excited about making a purchase and takes away some of the bad feelings about spending cash. This creates a more motivated buyer. Second, it creates brand loyalty since your customers might have other choices from other brands, but “with just two more” of any action, they get their free reward or discount. This can actually create purchases or actions that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

As you can see, thinking outside of the box with your marketing ideas doesn’t have to be something totally unique—it can delve into past marketing ideas that might have faded into obscurity, but still work.

It can also mean that you add some new features or team up with another company. The point here is that you should always be thinking forward, backwards and laterally to find new ways to push the boundaries of the box further into the consumer’s pocket.

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