Optimize Your Webpages In Just 3 Minutes

Do You Make These Three Webpage Optimization Mistakes?

While creating your webpages, it’s very easy to optimize them for better search engine placement.

I had to do some website research lately about search engine optimized webpages. I’ve looked into numerous pages and found that tons of them were badly optimized and could be improved within minutes.

I’ve listed them in general below and it would be wise to check them out immediately to improve your website’s chances reaching higher search engine rankings.

Here they are.

1. Wrong use of Title Tag in the HTML Heading
I’ve seen webpages with titles like ‘new page 1’, or only containing the business name (no specification) and even one with only scrolling characters. Many webpages had no title at all.

So …. USE YOUR TITLE tag and use it to its fullest extent. It’s the most important HTML tag.

Include your main keywords in it. If that’s the name of your company, then also put your niche and location in it, that’s more targeted. Don’t use a single word like Webdesign. Also don’t make it too general like Easy Webdesign.

So instead of COMPANYNAME, make it …

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