Online Video Marketing Explained in 6 Simple Steps

online video marketingOnline video marketing is hot these days. It allows you to brand yourself or the business you’re working for.

But… do you know anything about internet video marketing? Do you know how do you create outstanding videos that you can use to promote anything?

If you’re on a shoestring budget, it’s quite common to create your own videos.

Famous marketer Gary Vaynerchuk used a daily web video marketing strategy to magnificently establish a multimillion dollar wine business. And they were all shot on his iPhone, without any retakes.

Now is the right time to upgrade your multimedia. You should create highly quality streaming videos with crisp audio and all the bells and frills. Here’s why.

If you only have just a little bit of extra money to invest, you can multiply that amount by acting as an online video marketing company targeting offline businesses. Because they hear about the video marketing hype, but have absolutely NO idea how to do that. And they lack the time to find it out. They will eagerly hire you for their video marketing and they’re willing to pay for it.

Here’s how to take your multimedia to the next level, once you have a little bit of extra money. These tips apply whether you’re creating products or producing free videos.

Focus on Audio Before Video
Contrary to popular belief, audio is far more important than video. After all if your video isn’t clear, people can get over it. If your audio isn’t clear, you simply won’t get your message across.

You may want to get a wireless microphone if you’re shooting videos. Usually that’s a lapel mic. The transmitter goes in your back pocket and the receiver goes on top of the camera. The mic simply clips on to the front of your shirt. The mic picks up your sound, sends it to the receiver and gets recorded onto the camera’s tapes.

You can easily get a high quality wireless microphone set, including mic, transmitter and receiver for a couple hundred dollars. Don’t skimp on your mics – If you’re going to spend money on anything, spend it on audio equipment.

Creating Crisp, Quality Videos
Lightning, shots and angles are more important than expensive cameras when you create high quality videos. That said, it still makes sense to invest in a high quality camera. If you’re just shooting web videos, you can get an HD camera for under $1,000 that’ll more than do the job.

If you’re just filming an interview set with two people sitting or yourself talking into the camera, get a professional to do the lighting for you. Buy your own lighting set. Having someone show you how to set it up might cost you $50 an hour and cost you under $300 total. From then on, you can more or less have your own camera set whenever you want.

But you can also create high quality professional videos just with screen capture software. There are plenty of places where you can buy video projects and video inserts that you’ll need for that purpose. Heck, you can even outsource that for less than 80 dollars.

Online Video Marketing Explained in 6 Simple Steps

If you want a cheaper solution for a good microphone, if you want to outsource high quality videos for less than 80 bucks or if you want to know where to create professional videos for free, then check out this resource about online video marketing.
Your video marketing services will profit from that!

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