Online selling of tangible products: problems and solutions

Online selling for local businesses isn’t always easy as lots of their products are tangible.

It comes with many problems that have to be solved. Orderhandling, packing, shipping and quality control, just to mention a few.

In today’s post, we will mention a few of these online selling problems.

If you’re a local business owner, or if you advise these people, listen up.
And enjoy.

Here goes.

Overcoming the Disadvantages of Online Selling

Most virtual shop owners know that while they tout the number of benefits and advantages of online shopping it may not be the best way to go.

There are some really palpable disadvantages of shopping online and they need to be on their guard against them so as to give the customer the best possible online shopping experience.

Where’s that product?
There is no instant gratification when you buy a physical product online. The customer has made his payment and is yet to get the product in his hands. Now it is up to the company to ensure that the waiting period is cut as short as possible.

If the customer is in the same city try and have the product delivered by the end of the work day. If he is out of town and you need to use a courier, have the packet leave the office that very day. The shorter the time the customer has to wait for the product to reach him, the more satisfying a shopping experience it will be for him.

Is this the quality of this thing?
Very often it is easy to pack away a slightly damaged piece and send it off in the mail order.
The truth is that if you send a damaged item you are not getting rid of stock but losing an existing customer. Why should a customer buy from you online to get a damaged piece when he can drive into town and buy an undamaged one?

Only if the quality of the product is outstanding will the customer risk sending you a second order. Think about it, wouldn’t you react in a similar manner if you got a damaged item from an online order? So why would your customer feel any differently?

The shipping costs more than the product!
At times there are not enough margins in the profits from selling a product to include the shipping charges. This leads to an extra shipping cost being added to the product cost.

Usually it is a small enough percentage of the price of the product and the customer will be willing to pay that price. After all he would be burning his own fuel worth that much amount if he were to drive himself to the market to buy the product.

The trouble arises if the cost of shipping the item is actually higher than the cost of the product itself. I would suggest that you not offer such items as the double cost of the item will act as a major deterrent to sales in any case.

I said medium, not large.
Items that have specific sizes like clothing and shoes need extra care while being shipped off to an online customer. Sometimes the finger slips and the wrong size gets imprinted in the order.

The sizes must be verified by a customer care representative before shipping out the item. This saves your company the costs of returning and resending an order. It is better to make a phone call or send an email confirming the size before you ship out the product.

How do you overcome online selling problems?
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