Strong Business Online Reputation: Accelerates Your Revenue!

If you’re satisfied with your existing clients/customers, then it is good for you and you do not have to bother about any online reputation.

Perhaps, you don’t see any point of taking enough care of your digital presence.

However, for the accelerating growth of your business, it is very crucial that you have a clean chit in the digital world.

You may wonder, “Why is digital presence so important?”

It is, because customers have become greatly dependent upon the internet and majorly on Google to search the kind of commodity, they are looking for.
But, the moment the customers see a negative comment, like “Benjamin’s products sucks!” it will turn them away from you and your products. No positive presence means no business, which is why you have to try all the ways to optimize your website for better online reputation.

Here are few answers to the ‘Hows?’

Get a hold on the negative comments.

Upset customers or rival companies may spoil your name, by posting negative comments about you.
To avoid this, you need to search the source of the negative comments and request them to remove the negative comments. If they are not ready to do this, you can justify your product or service in the same niche.
There are services that give all the users a freedom to share their experience and the same service will notify you, about the spreading of negativity about your company, so that you can take necessary steps to eradicate them.

Websites, like, render platform to the consumers, to share their experiences about companies or products or services. ‘Business Resolve’ is a service offered by to business owners to resolve the complaints against them, which are posted by unsatisfied consumers.
If a new complaint is registered about a company, it will intimate the respective business owner, and the business owner can contact the consumers for an alternate solution. If the consumers fail to respond to or to the company, the complaints will be automatically removed from the website. offers a 14 day free trial of this service, and it claims of resolving more than $9 million worth of damages.

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Influence of Social Media.

Probably there is no one, who doesn’t have a social account, could be Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. It is a world famous fact that Facebook pages can lure many customers to your product or service, but at the same time if you get a negative comment, your business may get ruined, which you need to take care of.
The same goes with all the social media platforms.

Content again!

No business can get away without good content. Always make an effort to make your content go viral, however this will only happen if your content has the quality.
Viral content will publicize your company globally, which may do wonders.

Keep up the promise that you make.

Often, it has been seen that companies do not provide, what they promise in their website. Do not exaggerate about your company products, as it will make the customers to set their expectations high and if your product doesn’t fulfill their expectations, then it will turn them down.
Promise the quality and features that you can actually deliver, and this will leave a good impression on your customer’s mind.

Do your bit of working on your online presence. Results may not show up at a faster pace, but once you gain an austere positive presence, it will be difficult for the rebelling forces to weaken your position.

Sara Bruce is an SEO analyst working on removing negative remarks from websites. Visit our pages ‘Remove negative reviews’ & ‘Remove ripoff reports’ to get rid of negative reviews about your site/services.

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2 thoughts on “Strong Business Online Reputation: Accelerates Your Revenue!

  1. Patrick Ryan says:

    Negative comments really will spoil the business reputation. The most-advised approach here is to use SEO strategies to push that post down the results, at least below the fold. Yet that’s easier said than done, and it requires advance planning.

  2. Jack Roy says:

    You have aroused an interesting topic through your post!
    Well I think,through online reputation management,the focus lies in optimizing the site in a way that it exhibits the positive aspects in the search engine results first. Well, it might so happen that people were not much happy with the service approach of a particular company, which led to the build-up of a negativity surrounding the company. Effective reputation management online helps clear the air of negativity and create a positive impression on the web.

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